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Arroz Con Mariscos © Krista/Flickr
Arroz Con Mariscos © Krista/Flickr
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Almagro, Buenos Aires

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Almagro offers a wide range of cuisines, which will be a welcome change of pace from the beef-centric Argentine diet. These restaurants experiment with Italian, American, and Spanish Cuisine, adding a Argentine spin to everything.
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La Cresta

La Cresta is a take away only restaurant, but it does serve some of the best Argentine street food in Buenos Aires. From hamburgers to wraps and salads, whatever you order here is prepared right in front of your eyes. You know it’s good because there’s always a huge line but don’t worry, it moves fast and is a great option for a quick and delicious lunch.
Bulnes 829, C1176ABO CABA, Argentina | +54 11 4864-4417


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El Salteño

El Salteño serves classic Argentine food in an unassuming space. You’ll find a lot of locals here around lunch time, snacking on empanadas and other Argentine staples. The portions are large but the prices are relatively low, so if you’re a student or a budget traveler, El Salteño is definitely the place for you.
Gascón 578, C1181ACJ CABA, Argentina

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Dambleé is a quaint French Brasserie known for its shareable small plates. If you’re an oyster lover, then Dambleé is the place for you, order a glass of white wine and enjoy some of the best oysters in Buenos Aires. Dambleé serves several other seafood options along with French specialties like spaetzle. The wine list is long and includes labels from France, America, and Argentina.
Av Rivadavia 3401, C1203AAG CABA, Argentina | +54 11 4861-1629


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Cantina Don Carlos Restaurante

Cantina Don Carlos is somewhere in between Italian and Spanish food, and we’re perfectly okay with that blurred line. Begin your meal at Don Carlos with a few tapas-style appetisers, and choose from both hot and cold tapas featuring meat, cheese, and fish dishes. Then, for an entree, choose between fresh pasta or paella; both are filling and tasty.
Billinghurst 450, C1174ABH CABA, Argentina | +54 11 4860-0202

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Huma – Restobar

As the name suggests, Huma is both a restaurant and a bar. The menu is limited, though the chefs at Huma like to play around with traditional Argentine foods, sometimes throwing in European and even Asian touches to their dishes. They also have a fantastic wine list too.
Humauaca 3853, 1194 CABA, Argentina | +54 11 4866-2604

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El Mirasol De Boedo

El Mirasol is a classic Argentine steakhouse which operates a few restaurants in Buenos Aires. What sets El Mirasol apart from other Argentine steakhouses is that El Mirasol offers a wide range of organ meats. Perhaps you aren’t a fan of gamier meat, but if you are, you know that these particular meats are hard to come by, and El Mirasol does a great preparation.

Opening hours: 12pm-3pm, 8:30pm-12:30am, open until 1:30 am on Saturdays
Must Try: Organ Meats
Boedo 136, C1206AAO CABA, Argentina | +54 11 4864-2379

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La Reina Kunti

La Reine Kunti is a welcome change of cuisine in the beef-saturated Buenos Aires. La Reine Kunti is one of the only Indian restaurants in Buenos Aires and one of the first restaurants to have a vegetarian menu. If you’re tiring of beef, then La Reine Kunti is an excellent choice. The atmosphere is relaxing, so stretch out on one of the large sofas after you enjoy your meal.
Humahuaca 3461, 1191 Buenos A, Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina | +54 11 4863-3071

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Centro Navarro Restaurante

Centro Navarro is another traditional Spanish restaurant, but instead of focusing on tapas, Centro Navarro serves the larger Spanish dishes. You’ll be served piping hot paella on white tablecloths, and you must pair your meal with a Spanish wine chosen from the extensive list.

Moreno 3682, 1244 Almagro, Capital Federal, Argentina | +54 11 4956-0399

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Gratto is a pizza restaurant that also serves a sizable breakfast, which should delight American travellers. The pizza is good, but our recommendation is to go early, have some of their coffee and select from the many breakfast options. There are Argentine versions of pancakes, as well as some very tasty smoothies.
Av. Corrientes 3900, C1194AAR CABA, Argentina | +54 11 4866-6900