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The 10 Best Bookshops in Córdoba
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The 10 Best Bookshops in Córdoba

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Updated: 4 January 2017
Córdoba, Argentina’s second city, is home to the nation’s oldest university: the National University of Córdoba, founded in 1613, and, because of this, has the nickname La Docta, or “the Learned One”. It has long been a cultural hub, home to esteemed authors such as Leopoldo Lugones and Marcos Aguinis, and Córdoba’s lengthy literary heritage means that it boasts many best-sellers to this day, along with a clutch of fantastic bookshops. Check them out…
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El Mundo del Libro

This sprawling, two-storey bookshop right by Plaza San Martin carries a wide variety of books, from classic novels to new releases to academic titles. Most of the books are in Spanish, but there is a small, ever-rotating shelf of English-language selections. Walking into the shop off the busy calle feels like entering another world; it’s easy to get lost in the thrall of literature amidst the dark wood furniture and peacefulness here. Be sure to join as a member in order to rack up points with each purchase that will go towards your next book.

El Mundo del Libro, Obispo Trejo 4, Córdoba, Argentina, +54 351 423-6888

El Ateneo

In addition to extensive book offerings, El Ateneo also boasts a CD and DVD section for fans of music and movies. Additionally, this is the place to go for a leisurely look-around; the bookshop has a reading room, complete with comfortable chairs, as well as a café, so curling up with a coffee and a good book is not only an option – it’s encouraged. Careful though, days have been lost entirely in this cozy little joint!

El Ateneo, Gral. Paz 156, Córdoba, Argentina, +54 351-423-4878

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El Espejo Libros

For independent and locally-published titles, look no further than this tight-knit little book store. Located just a block north of the city’s main east-west artery, 27 de Abril, El Espejo is unique in that it carries poetry and prose by Córdoba’s finest authors and publishing houses. Don’t see a particular title? Just ask the helpful staff, who will always try their best to discover just what it is you’re after.

El Espejo Libros, Dean Funes 163, Córdoba, Argentina, +54 351 424-2420

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Rubén Libros

Shop proprietor Rubén himself can often be found in this store, ready to help customers find the book they were looking for, plus an additional book or two that they didn’t even know they needed or wanted. Neatly organized, fairly priced, and with shelves ranging from local authors to world literature to art books, Rubén Libros is the place to go to discover that unusual, though-provoking tome to change your way of living.

Rubén Libros, Deán Funes 163, L 1 Paseo Sta Catalina, Córdoba, Argentina, +54 351 424-8355

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Amerindia Libros

Often compared to Rubén Libros, Amerindia Libros differentiates itself through its extensive collection of books on various artistic subjects, from visual arts to graphic design to architecture to photography. The employees are knowledgeable and always helpful and for local university students of art and design, as well as for art aficionados, Amerindia is the ultimate book destination. So, expect some learned company while browsing this one’s shelves!

Amerindia Libros, Caseros 253, Córdoba, Argentina, +54 351 422-4839

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El Verbo Divino

Between 70-90% of Argentinians are Roman Catholics, and this Catholic bookshop and santería caters to a religious clientele. Beyond books specifically on Catholicism, there are also philosophy tomes, as well as rosaries, art, candles, and other religious paraphernalia for sale. They also take special orders for communions and confirmations, and as you can imagine they are in pretty high demand in this uber-pious nation.

El Verbo Divino, Velez Sarsfield 76, Córdoba, Argentina, +54 351 424-3229

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Maidana Libros

Situated in a pedestrian walkway in the city center, Maidana Libros is always bustling. With a wide variety of books, there is something for everyone, including a large paperback section -ideal for readers on a budget and for travelers who want to keep that backpack weight to a minimum! The shop also specializes in academic texts, so be prepared to encounter some students here making their way through the aisles.

Maidana Libros, Deán Funes 100, Córdoba, Argentina, +54 351 422-8764

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Macao Libros

A tiny shop in size, Macao nonetheless pulls its weight in terms of content, carrying everything from bestsellers to anthologies to children and young-adult books to art books. The attentive employees are happy to answer questions but otherwise leave customers to peruse books at their leisure. Macao also stocks some rare or hard-to-find titles that other bookshops may not carry.

Macao Libros, Obispo Trejo 50, Córdoba, Argentina +54 351 411-4685

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Punto de Encuentro

Specializing in Latin-American tomes and volumes, this shop carries works on on South American politics, history, culture and more. The owners are highly involved in social issues and local activism, participating in el Colectivo de Jóvenes por Nuestros Derechos Humanos, or the Collective Youth for Our Rights in Córdoba. Promoting Latino writers and social values, Punto de Encuentro seeks to educate, debate and inform, not just sell books.

Punto de Encuentro, Independencia 620, Córdoba, Argentina, +54 351 421-4810

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El Emporio Libros

El Emporio is reminiscent of the bookshops of an age gone by. Though this one does also carry new releases and best-sellers, it specializes in classic literature and poetry, and sells a selection of old magazines and collectible items to boot. The shop looks unassuming from the outside, but on the inside it reveals itself to be a multi-storey treasure trove of local and global literature alike – definitely one to check out!

El Emporio Libros, 9 de Julio 180, Córdoba, Argentina, +54 351 425-3468