Buenos Aires' Casa FOA Design Festival: Everything You Need to Know for 2017

Casa FOA's new 2017 home | Courtesy of Casa FOA
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Updated: 8 July 2017
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Argentina’s Casa FOA design event has a completely new look and location this year. The country’s leading design festival, which takes place September 15 – October 15 in Buenos Aires, has moved to a new home in the elegant neighborhood of Belgrano.

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The 1950s-era high-rise will play host to the country’s leading designers in architecture, art, interior design and landscaping.

Casa FOA’s new 2017 home
Courtesy of Casa FOA

Each floor will represent a different generation, starting with the millennial approach to living on the ground floor and going back in time as visitors ascend the building’s five floors. With over 40 exhibition spaces showcasing the hottest trends in architecture, interior design, and functional art, Casa FOA brings together the country’s brightest designers.

The new space has given organizers the opportunity to re-conceive modern living, giving greater space and attention to “green living” – 2,250 square meters are dedicated to landscaping in comparison with 1,750 square meters of interior design, for example.

“Casa FOA is proud to contribute to the demographic development of Buenos Aires, being the force behind Puerto Madero, the silos of Dorrego, the Palazzo Álzaga Unzué, which is part of the Four Seasons Hotel, of the Monastery of St. Catherine of Siena, now a center of spiritual care, and adding so much to other corners of the city, not to mention the impression left by the event itself,” CASA FOA’s director, Marcos Malbran, told the Sociedad Central de Arquitectos.

FOA stands for Fundación Oftalmológica Argentina in reference to the ophthalmology foundation that runs it. The event began as a fundraiser in 1985 and has since become the region’s highest-profile design event, drawing some 58 million visitors each year.

“Because ‘to live’ does not just refer to the form in which one takes up space, but rather the construction that takes life only when we inhabit it. If we do it with with soul,” the organization says on their website.

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