8 of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina

8 of the Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Argentina is famous for its steak, and Buenos Aires is no exception: parrillas, open-grill steakhouses, are popular, but there is more to food in Buenos Aires than just steak, however. We list the 10 best places to eat in the capital for steak, or something a little different.
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Restaurant, Spanish, $$$
Oviedo is a Spanish restaurant offering fantastic seafood dishes as well as several meat options. The menu has a number of recognizably Spanish offerings, such as Serrano ham or Spanish omelette, and a large selection of fish too. The interior is small but atmospheric, with comfortable booth seating. There is, of course, steak on the menu, but for those seeking something a little different, Oviedo is a great choice.
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El Obrero

Restaurant, Steakhouse, $$$
El Obrero is steadily building a reputation for itself as one of the best places in town to get a perfectly cooked steak, regardless of its low prices and rough-and-ready appearance. It also serves a variety of Italian food; a nod to its history serving Italian immigrant laborers entering Buenos Aires through La Boca. Taxis are recommended for those non-locals traveling to and from El Obrero at night.
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Restaurant, North American, $$$
NOLA is a standout example of New Orleans food done well. Chef Liza Puglia serves up classics of Creole cuisine, infused with influence from Mexico and Argentina. The prix fixe menu changes monthly to ensure the best in-season ingredients are always used.
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Restaurant, Japanese, Peruvian, $$$
Join the sushi revolution in Osaka
Join the sushi revolution in Osaka | © Sami Keinänen/Flickr
This Japanese/Peruvian fusion restaurant is an old haunt, and one of the best offerings of Asian fusion in the city. Interesting flavors are married with fresh ingredients and classy presentation. It’s not cheap, but such is its solid reputation that it now has two branches, one in Palermo and one in Puerto Madero.
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Croque Madame

Cafe, French, $$$
In the grounds of Buenos Aires’ Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, the Croque Madame café is the perfect spot to unwind for lunch or tea after an afternoon in the museum. Sit outside in the café’s lovely tree-shaded courtyard while savoring some excellent pastries and treats and a strong cup of coffee’ or try one of Croque Madame’s eponymous sandwiches.
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