All The Lunfardo (Argentine) Slang Terms You Need to Know

Get to grips with what the Argentines are saying in Buenos Aires | © Rodrigo Paredes/Flickr
Get to grips with what the Argentines are saying in Buenos Aires | © Rodrigo Paredes/Flickr
Argentine Spanish is a strange breed of Italian and Spanish, with hand gestures aplenty to go with it! Argentines are also heavy users of local slang, so we set you up with a basic guide to understanding most of the terms you’ll hear on a regular basis. Check it out!


Say hello the Argentine way © Juan Antonio Segal/Flickr

Che! – Hey! or Man!

Che, boludo! – Hey, man!

Como andas? – How’s it going?/How are you?

Get along with the locals in Argentina © Hernán Piñera/Flickr


Wacho/a (guacho/a) – Rascal, but used affectionately towards a friend

Genio/a – Genius

Capo/a – Don

Groso/a – The best

Praises or insults, depending on your relationship with the person:

Gordo/a – Fatty, but this can be affectionate (Argentines aren’t very PC!)

Negro/a – Dark-skinned person

Flaco/a – Skinny person

Cheto/a – Posh person


Copado/a – Something or someone

Canchero/a – Trendy

Buen/a pibe/a – Good guy/girl

Barbaro – Awesome

Chocho/a – If you’re really happy about something you are “chocho/a”

La posta – The best ever, the real deal

Say it like a local © Rodrigo Paredes/Flickr

Boy or girl:

Mina – Young woman

Chabon – Young man

Pibe/a – Guy/girl

Nene/a – Guy/girl

Flaco/a – Guy/girl (usually negative)


Garchar/Coger – To fuck

Chupar – To suck

Pija – Penis

Concha – Vagina

Leche – Semen (translates to milk)

Chamuyero/a – A playboy/flirty person

Say it like you mean it © Rodrigo Paredes/Flickr

Annoying or boring things or situations:

Fiaca – To not be bothered to do something

Paja – To be annoyed at the thing you have to do

Bajon – For something to be a pain in the ass

Bronca – For something to really piss you off

Embole – Something annoying or boring


Porro – Marijuana

Faso – Drugs (general)

Flores – Weed

Paraguayo – Brick weed

Falopa – Drugs (general)

Merca – Cocaine

Pepa – Acid