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The Jazz en el Pasaje event in Buenos Aires | Courtesy of Distrito POMO
The Jazz en el Pasaje event in Buenos Aires | Courtesy of Distrito POMO
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A Guide to the Best Weekly Parties in Buenos Aires

Picture of Kristin Deasy
Updated: 1 June 2017
Though there are always events clamoring for attention in the cultural cacophony that is Buenos Aires, sometimes you just want to go to a party that you know will be good. The good news is that Buenos Aires is so culturally rich that there’s nearly a week’s worth of regular parties where you can be sure that, yes, we know this place is always awesome on this night. If you’re in the mood to party, here’s what to put on your agenda.


The big jam on Monday nights in Buenos Aires is La Bomba del Tiempo, a drum circle at the so-grungy-it’s-cool Konex art venue in Abasto. As is so often the case with music, words don’t do it justice, so watch this video:

La Bomba de Tiempo is a code-based improvisation show the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else in the world, where the director uses 70+ hand gestures to guide percussionists and performers in an evolution of rhythm and song that makes each performance different from the last. Created by Argentine Santiago Vazquez in 2006, the show immediately became a hit, drawing some three million people. Buy tickets and see the full schedule here.

For something a little more intimate, Folk You Mondays in Recoleta is an open-mic night for the musical set in Buenos Aires.


On Tuesdays, head to the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Chacarita for La Grande, another night of creative abandon where painters create art live on stage in tandem with a huge, multi-genre musical jam.

Artistic improvisation at La Grande
Artistic improvisation at La Grande | Courtesy of Maxi Muñoz

Also the brainchild of Vazquez, the event is without doubt one of the hottest in town and is the ideal place to witness the true depth of creativity from the city’s super-talented Argentine artists. La Grande starts at 8pm every Tuesday night at Santos 4040.

Santos Dumont 4040, Buenos Aires, Argentina

If La Grande sounds a little too arty for you, Tuesdays are the night to rock the gaming hall/bar Cafe San Bernando (El Sanber, for short) in Villa Crespo. The place will be crawling with cool kids, so get in on the action.

Avenida Corrientes 5436, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4855 3956


Mid-week offers Jazz en el Pasaje, a groovy jazz jam on Wednesdays at an art gallery in Palermo’s Plaza Serrano.

The Jazz en el Pasaje event in Buenos Aires
The Jazz en el Pasaje event in Buenos Aires | Courtesy of Distrito POMO

Free of charge, each week’s jam brings new musicians, bluesy improvisation, and beloved jazz tunes. The jam starts at 9pm at the gallery Distrito POMO.

Santa Rosa 5157, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Thursdays take you to Niceto Club, Palermo’s hipster central, for their Club 69 night. With doors opening at 12:30am, the event will have you dancing into the wee small hours with DJs spinning disco, house, tech and more. They also sometimes have themed dance shows. Follow them on Facebook here, or buy tickets in advance here.


The start of the weekend means heading out to San Isidro, the yuppie Buenos Aires suburb, for the Paranolimartes party.

The weekly event incorporates dance – we’re talking cumbia, salsa, psychedelic cumbia, hip hop, funk, and more, so be ready to be light on your feet – and can also involve circus, theater and art, so really, prepare for anything and everything. And, look gorgeous (check this out for tips on Argentine fashion), as after nine years in the running, Paranolimartes is basically one hell of a party. For the exact location and time (but get there late – 2am and after), follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Saturday nights there are parties everywhere – even if you’re trying to get some sleep, they’ll find you! There’s so much on offer in the way of going out, you’d be hard-pressed to stay in bed with Netflix even if you don’t speak a lick of Spanish. So really, there’s no fixed thing – walk out of your AirBnB, or hostel, or wherever you’re staying, and let Buenos Aires sweep you off your feet. If you have trust issues and need to plan ahead, check out what’s happening in the tango community, look at this event calendar, or this one (in English), or download the Buenos Aires nightlife LightsOut app (Android only) and the night will be squared away before you know it.

Sexy Sunday Brunch
Sexy Sunday Brunch | Courtesy of Chicken Bros


The party continues at Chicken Bros Sexy Sunday Brunch, with a DJ spinning tunes as you load up your waffles with fried chicken and enjoy mimosas, Bloody Marys, or even some locally-made moonshine. This is pretty much the only place in Buenos Aires with such an authentic, pull-out-all-the-stops southern-style brunch, so be sure to follow them.

Chicken Bros’ The Dirty Bird – Chicken ‘n Waffles
Chicken Bros’ The Dirty Bird – Chicken ‘n Waffles | Courtesy of Chicken Bros

Also, there’s a swing set on the establishment – what more could you want? Sangria, you say? They have sangria, too. “We want you out of the house, we want you outside, want you smilin’, want you dancin’, just want you to continue the party from Saturday night all the way through Sunday,” Chicken Bros co-founder Justin Clouden told Culture Trip. Get the brunch at their Palermo restaurant every Sunday from 12pm.

Thames 1795, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54 11 4833 9127

Here’s what it’s like: