9 Reasons Why Mendoza is Argentina's Most Seductive City

Mendoza Life | © pansso | Pixabay
Mendoza Life | © pansso | Pixabay
Photo of Will Lees
12 February 2018

A location can leave a lasting impression on a traveller and to describe Mendoza as beautiful, quaint, uplifting, or inviting would all suffice, but it has something more. As if a setting from a love story, Mendoza attracts people in, brings them together, and does not easily let go.

Sunny days

Everyone, including scientists, agrees that the sun, in the right doses, can be natural medication. With its constant supply of depression-fighting vitamin D, this ever-bright city means you step out into the day, see the glow of the city in the early hours of the morning and know, its going to be a memorable day.

Mendoza | © Nico Kaiser | Flickr

Hot hot heat

With the consistent sun, Mendoza always feels like a vacation destination and in order to stay cool, both physically and fashionably, both genders are on top of the latest styles which don’t cover much skin, in order to bronze up, and cool down.

Wine list, please

No one object resembles the art of seduction more than a glass of red wine and Mendoza is the most important wine destination in all of Argentina, producing more wine that all the other provinces of Argentina, combined. A day in the sun, a beautiful sunset, and a deep red Malbec to cap it off just yells seduction.

Cellar | © Mark Surman | Flickr

Hot chocolate

Another aphrodisiac so easily paired with wine, is chocolate, and Argentinians take their sweet dark treats seriously. Strolling the streets, or perusing the dessert menu, you can find top quality milk, dark, and other types of chocolate that with a glass of wine from down the road, will have you feeling magical.


So you’ve indulged in a few glasses of incredible red wine over the past few nights, you’re loving the sun, but want to get out of the city. Rent a cruiser bicycle and potter about through the flat streets in the wine district of Maipu, just outside the center of Mendoza and view where tonight’s vino is coming from.

Wine Country | © Mark Surman | Flickr

Enchanting streets

Plaza Espana to Plaza Independencia, Parque Central to Parque San Martin, you wander wide sidewalks along restaurant patios and coffee shop terraces all laced with enormous trees implanted into the concrete. They provide a stunning green glow and speckle the streets in sunlight squeezing through the canopy of leaves.

Romantic setting

As you sit on the patio next on Paseo Sarmiento, away from the blur of cars and motorcycles and reach to empty the remnants of the bottle into your dinner date’s glass, you realize how civilized it can be here. In the middle of a large sprawling city, you feel quite at peace and relaxed as if in a small town in Bordeaux, and even though you know it’s probably also the wine helping you feel this way, you don’t care.

Glass View | © Roger Schultz | Flickr


Mendoza is becoming a proving ground for young Argentinians chefs setting out to make a name for themselves. Locating a terrific boutique restaurant in Mendoza is about as easy as finding a good glass of wine, which is probably what you will order prior to your meal.

Hot tub anyone?

After your long cycle through the wine district, visiting the Cacheuta Hot Springs outside the city will only add to the sheer relaxation you are already feeling and will make you fall deeper in love with Mendoza, your companion, and the way of life here. You have officially been seduced.