7 Reasons Why a Trip to Argentina Could Change Your Life

The incredible landscapes of Argentina
The incredible landscapes of Argentina | © Fernando Hidalgo Marchi / Flickr

Argentina is a magical country, full of wonder, mystery and the odd economic disaster. If you decide to make the trip down here, make sure you are prepared, because it may just change your life by making you want to live here forever. Here’s why.


Carnivores rejoice: Argentina is the meat capital of the world! Meat fiends will be impressed not only by the quality of the beef on offer, but also by the interesting cuts that you will find here. Parrillas are steakhouses that proliferate all over the country, and locals are fond of getting together to have an asado, or barbeque. The meat in Argentina is so delicious that many vegetarians are converted after years of avoiding it. That’s definitely life-changing!

Behold the Argentine meat feast | © Max Besser Jirkal / Flickr


One of the most amazing things about Argentina is the quality of wine in relation to the price it is sold for. While a bottle of Argentine Malbec might be a luxury in other parts of the world, you can get a decent bottle of wine in the supermarket here for the price of a basic bottle of plonk back home. Argentina is also a great place to do wine tastings or take a wine course, turning you from wine novice into a connoisseur in no time at all!


Some of the most lasting memories that travellers to Argentina take home with them are images of the stunning scenery that abounds all over the country. Patagonia, in particular, is rife with incredible mountains, lakes, rivers and glaciers, and photographers from all over the world come to capture this beauty with their lenses. Adventurers, too, in heaven in Patagonia, which has the ability to turn even the most sedentary traveller into an ardent lover of the outdoors.


Argentines may have a bad rep within South America for being arrogant and direct, but once you spend a bit of time in Argentina, you will be struck by people’s generosity and openness. Argentines make friends for life, and if you are ever in a jam, they will be the first ones on hand to help you out. (They are also, by and large, incredibly good-looking.)

Friendly Argentines | © leonardo samrani / Flickr


A trip to Argentina will leave you bitten by the travel bug, if you didn’t have it already. From road trips on the Route 40 that take you down the length of the country, to multi-day treks in the Andes, there is no shortage of stunning destinations to keep you travelling the length and breadth of the country. It is also surprisingly easy to get around Argentina, with buses connecting most popular destinations.


The weather is one thing that keeps travellers coming back to Argentina year after year. Especially in the summer months, from December to March, many people come to Argentina to escape winter in the northern hemisphere. In the winter months, from June to September, there is skiing aplenty in the south, and the capital, Buenos Aires, has sunny days for most of the year.


Argentina is, in many ways, a lawless nation. This is changing, with a new, more right-wing government, but still, there is much more freedom in Argentina than there is in some other places in the world. For a lot of people, freedom is becoming more and more of a luxury, so many people choose to stay in Argentina because it allows them to do and to be what and who they want, and this is priceless.

Feeling free in Argentina | © Josef Grunig / Flickr