15 Reasons Why You Should Add Buenos Aires to Your Bucket List in 2018

The Obelisco and the Argentine flag, Buenos Aires | © Hernán Piñera / Flickr
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Updated: 20 August 2018
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If you have never been to Buenos Aires, put it on your list for 2018. Argentina’s capital city recently made it onto Travel + Leisure’s list of The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2018, so if it’s on theirs, it should be on yours, too. Here’s why.

Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympics are in sight!

2018 will see Buenos Aires host the Summer Youth Olympic Games, which will take place in the capital between October 6th and 18th. The neighbourhood of Villa Soldati in the south of the city will be the site of the Olympic village, and the games will see the introduction of a few new sports, including sport climbing, dance sport, karate and roller sports. Athletes from all over the world will descend on Buenos Aires, so this is sure to be an historic event that will leave its mark on the city.


Buenos Aires will also be the host city for this year’s G20 Summit, which will be the thirteenth year of the global event and will bring some of the world’s most important leaders to South America for the first time. No doubt the summit will be noteworthy, and seeing as Argentines love a good protest, if you’re in the mood for some activism, head down to Buenos Aires in 2018.

Buenos Aires is now an Art Basel City

Buenos Aires has always been a stronghold for independent culture, but 2018 will see cultural goliath Art Basel take up residence in Argentina’s capital, which has been identified by Art Basel as an artistic hub that should have greater international recognition. Working with key players in the local art scene, Art Basel will infiltrate the city in both the institutions and in public spaces to create awareness and engagement both locally and worldwide about the incredible culture Buenos Aires has to offer.

Winter in the sun

For anyone who gets chills just thinking about winter, Buenos Aires should be your next winter escape. The reversed seasons of the southern hemisphere provide the perfect opportunity to trade snow for sun, and summer in Buenos Aires runs from December to February, meaning you get to leave behind your winter coat and loll around in your bikini. The city comes alive in the summer months, and many say that there is no better place to be than in Buenos Aires at a barbeque or by a pool.

Growing food scene

Buenos Aires has seen a greater influx of tourists and expats over the last decade or so, and this has brought with it a greater consciousness of gastronomy and haute cuisine. From the humble hamburger to exquisite tasting menus, Buenos Aires’ food scene can now rival that of European and American cities, and it is growing all the time. The Palermo neighbourhoods are hotbeds of culinary delight, and new restaurants boasting exotic flavours as well as exciting new takes on traditional cuisine are opening all the time.

And drink scene

Great cocktails in Buenos Aires

As with the food scene, the drink scene is on the up too. The past two years or so have seen a slew of craft beer breweries opening up, replacing the watery plonk of local beer Quilmes. While Buenos Aires has always slung a great mojito or a classy caipirinha, cocktail bars with signature drinks del autor are becoming more and more prevalent, and you don’t have to go far to find a great drink – but beware, a good cocktail doesn’t come cheap.

Same great nightlife as ever

You may have heard tell of Buenos Aires’ legendary nightlife, but it has to be seen to be believed. Locals don’t hit the dancefloors until about 2am, but before then the bars are bustling, a precursor to the debaucherous night ahead. Hit the Costanera Norte for the city’s superclubs like Pacha and Terrazas del Este, San Telmo for some bohemian offerings and Palermo for the trendy hangouts. Make sure you’ve had a siesta, because the nights start late and end even later.

Getting around is even easier

Buenos Aires’ new Metrobus

The city has been undergoing a facelift for the past few years. With the introduction of hundreds of kilometers of bike lanes, it is easier than ever to cruise your way around this flatter than flat city. The new Metrobus lanes make getting the bus less of a headache, and new air-conditioned subway cars and lines connecting stations from north to south make it easier to get from A to B. Uber is also operational in Buenos Aires, a blessing considering the ever-inflating price of taxi rides.

Newly landscaped parks

The Buenos Aires city government knows how much its citizens value Buenos Aires’ beautiful parks, and works have been underway to landscape even the smallest local plazas. Argentines love to enjoy the outdoors, and local parks are effectively the natives’ gardens, being that many people live in high-rise apartment blocks and don’t have access to gardens or patios.

Work out outdoors

Argentines like to keep in shape, and one of the most enjoyable and cheapest ways to do this is to hit up one of the city’s many outdoor gyms. These gyms can be found all over the city, in parks, plazas and down by the river. It is a great way to keep in shape while at the same time being able to enjoy the city, as well as being a novel way for visitors to explore different parts of the city.

Pool parties

Go wild at a pool party

One of the benefits of living in a hot city is that there is an abundance of swimming pools. Many of Buenos Aires’ apartment blocks are relatively new constructions, and swimming pools are often one of the key elements of the design. Pool parties are a staple feature of Buenos Aires’ summer, and they happen in the city as well as in zona norte, the upscale suburbs in the north of the city.

Great for remote working

Buenos Aires is a fantastic city for remote workers, the only difficulty being that digital nomads might find it difficult to balance their work life with the amazing social life they will find themselves presented with. Co-working spaces are popping up all over the city, with international brand WeWork recently opening a huge space in Retiro. Internet is fast in the capital and the city lends itself to the flexible lifestyle of remote working and freelancing.

Close to great getaways

The capital is just a stone’s throw away from some amazing weekend getaways that will make you feel like you’ve entered another world, even though you’re only an hour or two outside the city. Tigre, San Antonio de Areco, Mar del Plata and Pinamar are just some of the destinations that offer river deltas, old-timey cowboy towns, beach cities and coastal resorts, all within Buenos Aires province.

Fine wining and dining

Fine wine in Buenos Aires

Argentina is as known for its football as it is for its incredible wine and unrivaled meat. Come to Buenos Aires and indulge in the most delicious steaks washed down with full-bodied local wines from Mendoza. There is no end to the choice of steakhouses and wine bars that the capital has to offer, allowing you to experience the true Argentina for a fraction of what it would cost you elsewhere.

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