10 Unique Souvenirs to Bring Back From Salta, Argentina

Salt Ilamas | © Phil Whitehouse/Flickr
Salt Ilamas | © Phil Whitehouse/Flickr
Photo of Harry Stewart
30 August 2017

Buying souvenirs is a fun part of the travel experience and a great way to reminisce on your trip for years to come. With that in mind, Salta has loads of cool stuff to buy, from typical Argentine goods to more regionally specific wares. Most can be picked up at the daily Mercado Artesanal or the Sunday only Feria Artesanal, although we’ve suggested a few boutiques as well to help get you started.

Alpaca clothing

Northwest Argentina is full of fuzzy alpacas and llamas, so it stands to reason there would be plenty of alpaca clothing up for grabs here too. Everything from beanies, jumpers, leggings, socks and scarves can be found for bargain basement prices. For the best quality, head to Ambay in the center and ask for baby alpaca which is more soft and fluffy than the regular stuff.

Ambay, Caseros, Salta, Salta Province, Argentina +54 387 431-7182


For a stock standard souvenir, grab some regional artisanal products. The biggest range are sold in the Mercado Artesanal, something of a souvenir superstore which has the added bonus of being heavily regulated, meaning shoppers needn’t even bother to bargain. Samponia has a more upmarket selection of attractive pillows, utensils and sculptures.

Samponia, Deán Funes 550, Salta, Argentina +54 387 422-8333

Artisanals | © manguzmo/Flickr


A number of interesting Inca designs are available to be bought in the form of textiles throughout the city. Tapestries, tablecloths and wall hangings with vibrant colors and intricate patterns prove all too tempting for many, with the Artesanal Market having the best range.

Mercado Artesanal Salta, Salta, Salta Province, Argentina +54 387 434-2808

Inca textiles | © McKay Savage/Flickr

Leather goods

Most of Argentina’s cattle are raised further south in wetter and more fertile lands. But that’s not to say the people of the north don’t know their leather. An abundance of high quality leather jackets, wallets, bags and shoes can be found in markets and fancy boutiques such as Torcivia throughout the city.

Torcivia, San Juan, Salta, Salta Province, Argentina +54 387 431-6181

Leather bag | © Free Images/Flickr

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche is to Argentina what peanut butter is to America or Vegemite to Australia. Ubiquitous. Sweet tooth travelers fall in love with this caramel-like spreadable delight, often taking a supply home with them to savor with friends. El Guachito Salteño sells the best stuff in town.

El Guacho Salteño, Caseros 760, Salta, Argentina +54 387 432-9459

Dulce de Leche | © Chun Yip So/Flickr

A music CD

Okay, we know, CD’s are like so 2001. But if you want to bring a little folklore music home with you, there’s not really any other option. Most bands playing in peñas as well as street performers have disks for sale and you can always burn them to MP3 and copy the tunes to your phone later.

CDs | © William Hook/Flickr

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