Guide to Papua New Guinea’s Best Museums and Art Galleries

Guide to Papua New Guinea’s Best Museums and Art Galleries
Papua New Guinea’s culture, peppered with influences from several continents, finds expression in contemporary art. The country’s main artists are located in Port Moresby, and the country’s budding art scene shows a lot of promise; visitors will be intrigued to see murals on important buildings across the country made by some of Papua’s most famous artists. Here is our guide to Papua New Guinea’s best galleries and museums.
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Papua New Guinea National Museum & Art Gallery – Port Moresby

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One can only truly appreciate the country’s contemporary art after experiencing its origins and traditions. The Papua New Guinea National Museum & Art Gallery is the place to discover the country’s traditional wooden masks, canoes and sculptures. The main building itself is a stunning example of traditional architecture and art, with sculpted pillars and thatched roof. The shapes and colors of these traditional works of art are echoed in today’s paintings and sculptures. The galleries house more than 7000 contemporary art collections, making it a unique resource for Papua New Guinean contemporary art. The museum is a wonderful source of information on the country’s history and heritage, and will give visitors a sharper eye when trying to understand the messages behind Papua New Guinea’s contemporary art.

The museum is present on three premises: the main museum at Waigani in Port Moresby, the Modern History Museum at Gordons in Port Moresby and the J.K. McCarthy Museum at Goroka in the Eastern Highlands Province.
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Art Stret Gallery – Port Moresby

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Stret is probably the main contemporary art gallery in Port Moresby. Consisting of a gallery space and a production house, the space strives to bring local art as well as works from the whole country to the capital. A place where unknown and established artists meet, it seeks to promote quality and originality and to make the country’s art known to the general public. The collection includes watercolors, ink, charcoal, acrylic, gouache paintings, sculptures and pottery. Past exhibitions include famous artists like Martin Morububuna with his vibrant and at times cubist-looking watercolors, Joe Nalo’s pastel and dream-like watercolors and Heso Kiwi and Larry Santana’s ink work and acrylics. The Heso and Sons exhibition of 2012 was of particular note, as it paid tribute to Heso Kiwi and also introduced his sons’ artistic work. Artists in their own right, their work consists of stunning black and white ink drawings that underline the history of the county’s contemporary art scene, while introducing its present legacy.
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Gamba Krai Art - Port Moresby

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Gamba Krai Art – Port Moresby
Another contemporary art gallery located in Port Moresby, Gamba Krai Art showcases and sells paintings, carvings, sculptures, bilums and baskets. Passionate about local, home-grown art, Gamba Krai promotes Papua New Guinea’s artists and ‘one of a kind’ works of art. Gambakrai, meaning ‘earthy colors’ in Kuman language from the Chimbu Province of the country, alludes directly to the country’s local colors and roots.
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Le Riche Colours – Kimbe

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Papua New Guinea’s contemporary art is present across the country, thanks to some of its most famous artists contributing to the cityscapes with murals on main buildings. Artist Nathalie Le Riche is an important figure of Papua New Guinean contemporary art thanks to her paintings of local flora, fauna and population in lively colors. Her shop, Le Riche Colours, is a wonderful place to see and buy some of her paintings and hand painted souvenirs, but her artwork is also present at Hoskins Airport, where she painted murals, on the walls of the ANZ Bank in Kimbe and even on the Regional Pacific Kingair aircraft! You can spot other local artists’ work across the country if you pay attention: Larry Santana was commissioned to decorate Port Moresby’s Airport and the ANZAC Memorial. The country’s artistic energy is present all over and visitors should keep their eyes peeled to experience it.
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Luk Save Art Show – Port Moresby

Not a venue but an event, the Luk Save Art Show has allowed the country’s contemporary art scene to thrive and rise in quality and fame. Celebrating its 10th anniversary last year, its now renowned yearly catalog allows art lovers to see the country’s progression over the last decade. The event requires world-famous artists as well as rising stars to present work they produced over the course of the last year. Since 2010, the art show ends with the NASFUND Art Award for the ‘best in show’. Through this event, Papua New Guinean artists have received funds and an ever-increasing respect on the world stage. Last year, over 230 artworks were exhibited. Although not a traditional art venue, it is nonetheless an event that needs to be mentioned to do justice to the country’s contemporary art scene.