The Best Coffee Houses In Christchurch, New Zealand

The Best Coffee Houses In Christchurch, New Zealand
Traveling to a country as enchanting as New Zealand will mean that any traveler will be keen to explore from dawn to dusk. Here are the best places in Christchurch to get excellent coffee to help keep you energized.
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Addington Coffee Co-op

Cafe, Australian, $$$
Fish Cakes
Fish cakes from Addington are something a little different for brunch | Fish cakes from Addington are something a little different for brunch
The Addington Coffee Co-op is a business with a belief that profit should be equally shared among those who have earned and deserve it. Not only do they serve excellent and aromatic coffee that is ethically produced and sourced, but over 70 percent of their profits are redistributed back into the local community. These profits also go back to the overseas communities that produce the coffee. To enjoy coffee here is to know that you can contribute to the promise of correcting injustice, poverty and exploitation. We hope that in the future, many other businesses adopt this ideology.
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Meal service:

Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch


Cosy, Casual, Relaxed

Hummingbird Coffee Cafe

Cafe, Coffee, $$$
The Hummingbird Coffee Café has been brewing coffee since 1990 and have perfected the craft of roasting, grinding and serving high-quality coffee. These coffee connoisseurs know how to bring out the best flavors in each of the blends they serve. They are always looking for new and exciting flavors. Their blends come from all over the world from New Orleans to Verona. Each has a different flavor profile – don’t delay to find your favorite.
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Procope Coffee House

The Procope Coffee House is an intimate, yet modern and bright space. It is ideal for enjoying a hot beverage and a delicious snack. The staff are renowned for their friendly and attentive attitudes so you can be sure that any time of day you visit will start and end with a smile. All dietary requirements are catered for and there is a variety of gluten-free options to enjoy. All dishes and beverages are fresh, flavorful and well presented.

Procope Coffee House, 205 Fendalton Rd, Christchurch, New Zealand, +64 3-351 1488

Procope Coffee House | Courtesy of Procope Coffee House
Procope Coffee House | Courtesy of Procope Coffee House

Underground Coffee

The Underground Coffee Company are experts of their craft. No matter what you choose to drink, the staff will happily recommend a tasty snack to accompany it. The company has perfected the espresso in New Zealand and are happy to welcome you to into their family of loyal regulars. The service is friendly and the food is fresh and delicious. Don’t waste any time in making this chic establishment a firm favorite.

Underground Coffee, 359 Colombo St, Christchurch, New Zealand, +64 3-943 7360

Coffee Culture Sumner

Attention lovers of coffee: at the Coffee Culture Sumner, not only are you guaranteed to be served an incredible warm beverage (with an adorable image drawn in the foam), but you’ll also receive a great chat. In its early days, custodians and staff would happily discuss anything and everything. This welcoming and social vibe is one that has not only lasted, but has become one of the hallmarks of the entire business. The hot chocolate is especially favored but all coffees have a fresh, dark and irresistible flavor.

Coffee Culture Sumner, 28 Marriner Street | Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand, +64 3-326 5900