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The 10 Best Restaurants in Auckland: New Zealand Dining Guide

The 10 Best Restaurants in Auckland: New Zealand Dining Guide

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Updated: 9 February 2017
When you’re in New Zealand‘s biggest city, have plenty of things to do. But between jumping off tall buildings or experiencing the native New Zealand culture, you need to eat. We save you the trouble of finding out where to go in this list of the best 10 restaurants in Auckland.

Euro Bar & Restaurant

Euro Bar & Restaurant makes no compromises in providing a brilliant and memorable dining experience, using classic European gastronomic techniques that bring out the best of their ingredients and result in complex and delicious flavors in every dish. As well as having a fantastic variety on their à la carte menu, the kitchen lets you indulge in one of their brilliantly balanced set menus that provide a taste of the chefs’ true talent.


Euro Restaurant & Bar, 22/147 Quay St, Auckland, New Zealand +64 9-309 9866

The Open Kitchen at Euro Bar & Restaurant | Image courtesy of Euro Bar & Restaurant
The Open Kitchen at Euro Bar & Restaurant | Image courtesy of Euro Bar & Restaurant


Ngopi is a cool and quirky café in Auckland’s centre serving mostly Indian and Malaysian cuisine. Ngopi comes from an Indonesian term which loosely means an informal get together between good friends, and Ngopi is certainly the perfect place to do that. This café is different from most, however, as they distribute their profits to local charities.


Ngopi, 79 Anzac Ave, Auckland, New Zealand +64 9-303 4172


It seems that there are infinite possibilities when you dine at Eight, located in The Langham Hotel in Auckland city-centre. This incredibly lavish restaurant’s name represents the eight different kitchens that serve dishes from different cuisines from all around the world. A New York style grill, a seafood bar and a station for freshly made sushi are some of the selections available, along with an comprehensive wine list that contains some of the best local wines as well as international specials.


Eight, The Langham Hotel, 83 Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand +64 9-300 2924

Desserts at Eight | Image courtesy of Eight
Desserts at Eight | Image courtesy of Eight

Better Burger

With dark wood walls, and bright neon signs, Better Burger is reminiscent of an authentic, classic American burger joint. Better Burger is proud to be considered one of the best vendors of burgers in Auckland. Here, they don’t bother with anything other than delicious burgers, fries and soda. The menu is simple, but the taste delicious, and it’s simplicity that keeps the price so reasonable.


Better Burger, 34 Customs St, Auckland, New Zealand +64 9-336 1280

The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit restaurant is very clean-edge, with white, uncomplicated décor that leaves the food as its main feature. The food will leave you constantly intrigued, as the flavors and ingredients are truly something special at a place where excitement is certainly not absent from the menu.


The White Rabbit, 69 Customs St, Auckland, New Zealand +64 9-369 5069

Modern pub food at The White Rabbit | Image courtesy of The White Rabbit
Modern pub food at The White Rabbit | Image courtesy of The White Rabbit


Ebisu’s name comes from the god of fisherman and luck, one of the seven gods of fortune in Japanese mythology. This name is quite appropriate, considering that the cuisine prepared by the kitchen uses mainly fish and seafood. The delicately prepared sushi shouldn’t be missed, nor should Ebisu’s signature dishes featuring the elegant Japanese art of sashimi, sensitively produced raw fish.


Ebisu, 116-118 Quay St, Auckland, New Zealand +64 9-300 5271

Ebisu | Image courtesy of Ebisu
Ebisu | Image courtesy of Ebisu


Taxidermy birds and mounted stag heads are scattered around this cosy restaurant Cazador. Their tagline, Hunt. Gather. Feed.’, truly reflects the cuisine on offer. Quite different from your usual meat choices, what’s offered here can’t be bought from your local supermarket. You’ll have a hard time deciding, but whatever you choose you can be sure that you will be able to describe it as rustic, heart-warming and delicious.


Cazador Restaurant, 854 Dominion Rd, Auckland, New Zealand +64 9-620 8730

Cazador © Laura Forest Photography | Image courtesy of Cazador
Cazador © Laura Forest Photography | Image courtesy of Cazador

Wooden Board Kitchen

Wooden Board Kitchen provides an authentic dining experience using, as the name suggests, wooden boards to serve the majority of their meals. The décor of this restaurant also reflects the no-frills attitude to food, with simple, rustic decorations and wooden furniture. The food is prepared using simple yet effective cooking techniques in order to maintain the basic flavours of the brilliant ingredients. Wooden Board Kitchen goes above and beyond what so many other restaurants have tried to do in bringing back simple, rustic home cooking.


Wooden Board Kitchen, 2-4 Upper Queen St, Auckland, New Zealand +64 9-309 2775

Orbit 360° Dining

Orbit 360° Dining soars over Auckland, occupying the 72nd floor of the famous Sky Tower. This is truly one of Auckland’s most sought after dining experiences, so it would be a good idea for you to make a reservation in order to dine 190 metres above the ground with panoramic views of New Zealand’s largest city. Orbit 360° is open for lunch and dinner every day of the week, as well as brunch, which is available only on weekends.

Orbit 360° Dining, 72/78 Victoria St, Auckland, New Zealand +64 9-363 6000


Baduzzi’s cooking has a modern style that is cemented with classic gastronomic techniques from French cuisine. At Baduzzi you can expect some of the fantastic Italian food that has been developing for decades in Auckland’s North Wharf. Leather seats and wooden tables give this restaurant the feel of an European bistro, while the food and service are what makes it one of Auckland’s most elegant fine dining experiences.


Baduzzi, Fish Ln, Auckland, New Zealand +64 9-309 9339