The 10 Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Mission Bay, Auckland

Mission Bay
Mission Bay | © wonderferret / Flickr
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23 April 2018

Mission Bay, Auckland is an area that was made for the lazy stroll down to the coffee shop to get your morning flat white and a tasty pastry. Set right next to the ocean, this spot is the perfect place to sit down with a newspaper and make a little time for a bit of introspection. Here is our guide to the 10 best cafes in the area.

Mission Bay Cafe

Cafe, Australian, $$$
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Mission Bay Cafe is a good spot for people watching | Mission Bay Cafe is a good spot for people watching
Located in the heart of Mission Bay, Mission Bay Cafe is open everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. An ideal place to take family and friends, Mission Bay Cafe has an extensive menu catering to all. The all-day brunch option here is unmissable; from brioche, to French toast to eggs Benedict, these breakfast dishes are available to order all day long. The menu also has daily specials that are always delicious.

The Attic Bar & Restaurant

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Simple but great
Simple yet effective | Simple yet effective

The Attic Bar & Restaurant is a great place to park up for a coffee and perhaps a crack at the crossword in the latest copy of the NZ Herald. There is a bar area, dining room, outside deck for summer, and a cosy lounge with a fireplace for those winter days when you might be leaning towards a hot chocolate or maybe an Irish coffee to keep out the chill. This is great as it means you’re in for a good time no matter the season or time of day.

Meal service:

Lunch, Dinner, Late Night


Romantic, Casual, Relaxed

Bald Eagle Diner

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Cafe Latte
Heaven in a cup | Heaven in a cup
Bald Eagle Diner is probably the most distinctive cafe on our list, and probably the most fun one, too. This establishment is based around the time when America was at its most, well, American – the 1950s. It was a time of milkshakes and waffles and Philly cheese-steaks, and that is just what the guys and girls at Bald Eagle Diner have set out to recreate. The rock ‘n’ roll is cranking on the sound system, the decorations are shiny and bright, and the food and drink are delicious. Come in and grab a late coffee to wash down the chicken and waffles that you just have to try as a brunch-time treat.

Sea Cow on the Bay

Restaurant, Seafood, $$$
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When you're this close to the sea, why wouldn't you? | When you're this close to the sea, why wouldn't you?
If you’re after a laid-back spot in which to sip your flat white and watch the waves, then this is the perfect place for you. Sea Cow on the Bay is the hidden gem of the region. For generous portions of fresh, scrumptious seafood, this is the place to be. Known for its fried-to-perfection fish and chips, refreshing salads and fruity cocktails, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a venue with so many choices in the Bay. The small establishment exudes a homely vibe, which creates a great environment for a casual lunch or dinner.

Bodrum Kitchen

Cafe, Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$
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Little Pick me Up
The Simple Pleasures | The Simple Pleasures

Offering countless traditional favourites such as menemem, sigara borek, loukamades, dolmades, and of course lahmacun, Bodrum is something out of the ordinary in Mission Bay. If you want something exotic and flavoursome then look no further because the team here have been delivering outstanding Turkish food in Auckland – they have two other cafes – for almost three years now. Bodrum Kitchen’s menu is inspired by their love of the Mediterranean, with influences from Greek and Turkish cuisines. So if you want something that’ll make your palate sing to go with your mid-morning coffee, then head over to see these guys.

Tana Mera Espresso

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Game time at the best spot in town | Game time at the best spot in town

Quite possibly the best cup of coffee in the Mission Bay area isn’t found on the main drag of Tamaki Drive, but on the smaller street of Patteson Avenue. The coffee here really is superb and that, at the end of the day, is surely the primary reason for a coffee shop to exist. The emphasis here is definitely towards the quality of the beans and the skills of the remarkable team behind the counter. Head here if you want a taste of what a genuine, independent coffee-making house should be churning out.

Meal service:

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch


Casual, Fast Casual

The Coffee Club

Cafe, Australian, $$$
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A Monday morning surety | A Monday morning surety

Yes, it’s a chain, but it’s relaxed and casual. On those Monday mornings when you can’t massage the old crumpet into working at its normal operating level, then at least you can rely on The Coffee Club. It’ll deliver into your hand a cup of coffee that, whilst not being a world-beater, will wake you up enough so you can run the preliminary work week checks – like whether you have your trousers on the right way or have brushed your teeth.

Dos Amigos Cantina

Cafe, Restaurant, Mexican, $$$
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Lunch time tacos | Lunch time tacos
It might be a happening restaurant, but this place also does some killer coffee if you’re in the market for a caffeine fix. If you’re in the mood for some authentic Mexican cuisine, Dos Amigos Cantina offers fresh Mexican food with an affordable price tag. After offering complimentary chips and dip to all diners, Dos Amigos Cantina follows with huge portions that will not disappoint. The lively atmosphere here makes it an ideal place to bring friends for a festive celebration or a casual dinner. The venue hosts popular themed evenings such as Chili Night Thursday and Sangria Sunday, and make sure to check their website for all the daily specials.

Meal service:

Lunch, Dinner, Late Night


Cosy, Quirky, Casual

Andrea Ristorante Italiano

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Fruits of the Sea
Seafood linguine is hard to beat. | Seafood linguine is hard to beat.
Coffee and Italy go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that one of the best places for a cup of espresso in Mission Bay is this wonderful Italian restaurant. Serving simple yet delicious Italian fare is exactly what Andrea Ristorante Italiano strives to do. For dinner with a beautiful view, there’s no place better than this restaurant. Boasting a stunning vantage point across Mission Bay, and using only the freshest of ingredients, diners can sit back with a scrumptious dish here and soak in the incredible New Zealand landscape. From pizza to pasta to burgers, this restaurant has it all. Andrea Ristorante Italiano also offers ‘do your own dinner’ cooking classes that are perfect for diners seeking more than just your average meal.


Cafe, American, Australian, $$$
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The coffee corporation sure is consistent | The coffee corporation sure is consistent

This Seattle-based corporation may have as much soul as the next multi-national, fast-food enterprise, but there’s no getting past the fact that it’s a very popular venue for those in need of a reliably tasty and quick cup of coffee. Yes, you can feel a bit guilty about not supporting a local business, but if you’re in a rush or don’t know the area then this is a safe port of call in rough, caffeine-free seas.