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The 10 Best Brunches Spots In Wellington, New Zealand

The 10 Best Brunches Spots In Wellington, New Zealand

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Updated: 21 September 2016
New Zealand’s capital has an excellent café and coffee culture, typical of Kiwi cities. There are hundreds of amazing brunch options to choose from in Wellington. Here’s our top 10 favorites.

The Flight Coffee Hangar

Offering some of the best coffee in Wellington thanks to the freshly in-house roasted beans, The Flight Hangar is a gem among Wellington’s cafés and restaurants. Positioned in the centre of the city, this is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and have breakfast. The décor is rustic and reflects the traditional roasting techniques used to make the brilliant coffee.


The Flight Coffee Hangar (Cafe and Bar), 171 – 177 Willis Street, Wellington, New Zealand, +64 4-830 0909

The Flight Coffee Hangar | Image courtesy of The Flight Coffee Hangar
The Flight Coffee Hangar | Image courtesy of The Flight Coffee Hangar

The Larder

Located in Miramar, a bay side suburb to the east of Wellington’s centre, just across Evan’s Bay, is The Larder, a gorgeous Kiwi establishment created by local Miramar resident and chef Jacob Brown. It’s the owner’s vision and passion to support small, local businesses, farmers and suppliers. Here you can find a brilliant brunch menu that is served until 3pm and maintains the ‘nose to tail eating’ philosophy, where all parts of the animal are respected and used to highlight and improve the dining experience.


The Larder, 133 Darlington Rd, Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand, +64 4-891 0354

Goose Shack HQ

Seasonal New Zealand food perfect for a weekend brunch

The décor reflects the name of this restaurant – the shack part, there aren’t any geese flying around. From the light fixtures to the bar stools, you probably wouldn’t expect much from the food, but this eatery is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The food at Goose Shack HQ can be described very effectively in one word: exquisite. The local free-range seasonal ingredients are treated with the utmost respect and are crafted into delicious meals packed with flavour.

Price: mid-range

Opening hours: Tues-Fri 4pm-late; Sat-Sun 10.30am-late

Watch out for: the seasonal ingredients and dishes

Goose Shack HQ, 461 Adelaide Rd, Wellington, New Zealand, +64 4-389 7171

Goose Shack © Laura Nicholls | Image courtesy of Goose Shack
Goose Shack © Laura Nicholls | Image courtesy of Goose Shack


Lots of windows light up the monochromatic décor that makes PreFab a relaxing and spacious place to go out for breakfast with friends or family. The fresh and seasonal menu, which includes fresh baked bread an pastries, is coupled with hot coffee that is roasted on site to bring a bit of homeliness back to the centre of Wellington. Keep an eye on their website, where they give details for upcoming events, including the kids art and cooking classes.


PreFab – Eatery and Events, 14 Jessie Street, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand, +64 4-385 2263

Plum Café

Open all day with a brunch menu as well as a selection of sharing plates and intriguing main meals, Plum Café stands out from the Cuba Street crowd. The gorgeous rustic décor makes this café a great place to have brunch, made only better by providing some of the best coffee in Wellington. The charming and cheerful atmosphere is complimented well by the culture and feel of its location.


Plum Café, 103 Cuba St, Wellington, New Zealand, +64 4-384 8881

Boat Café

If you’re looking for a café where you can enjoy your brunch with views of Wellington’s gorgeous seaside, why not try Boat Café. You’ll find the best waterfront views, because this café is part of the waterfront. From the outside, this boat looks old, faded and a bit decrepit, but wait until you get inside, where the furniture and décor matches that of the most high-class central city cafés. Come down to Oriental Bay and have some brilliantly executed traditional brunch favourites.


The Boat Café, 139A Oriental Terrace, Oriental Bay, Wellington, New Zealand, +64 4-939 3935

Waterfront boat café | Image courtesy of Boat Café
Waterfront boat café | Image courtesy of Boat Café

Maranui Café

This hidden café is connected to the Maranui Surf Life Saving Club and is a first choice not only for lifesavers, swimmers and surfers but also other residents of Island Bay. As well as having fantastic views of the sea and being located very close to the beach, Maranui Café also has delicious options for breakfast or lunch making it a great spot for an after swim bite. After you’ve eaten, make sure you rest up before hitting those waves again.


Maranui Surf Life Saving Café, 7A Lyall Parade, Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand, +64 4-387 4539

Blue Belle Café

The walls are lined with the old burlap sacks that were once used for coffee, which give a representative and also gripping feel to this café where good quality coffee is a priority. At Blue Belle Café you can find delicious lunch options, including a roast vegetable and feta panini or a pulled-pork quesadilla with fresh avocado salsa. This is a great place for a casual and delicious lunch with friends.


Blue Belle Café, 142 The Parade, Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand, +64 4-383 8408

Fidel’s Café

Fidel’s Café provides classic home-style cooking using ethically sourced ingredients from local artisan producers. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can find exactly what you need in this Cuban café that embraces the true bohemian experience that you expect to find on Cuba Street. Enjoy brunch, available daily until 4pm, with an authentic Cuban espresso, or maybe one of the meals, which are influenced by the Caribbean country’s cuisine.

Fidel’s Café, 234 Cuba St, Wellington, New Zealand, +64 4-801 6868


If you’re in Wellington and you want to try something different, you can try Loretta, where there is always something new, since the menu changes every day. Open from breakfast until dinner every day, the selection is constantly changing to reflect the weather and to ensure the best eating experience possible. The décor is chic and stylish and the food achieves an excellent balance between classy and rustic.


Loretta, 181 Cuba St, Wellington, New Zealand, +64 4-384 2213

By Matthew Clark