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New Zealand Fashion Week 2016: What To Expect
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New Zealand Fashion Week 2016: What To Expect

Picture of Ngarangi Haerewa
Updated: 7 September 2016
New Zealand Fashion Week comes around once a year. The one-stop shop for everything boutique and high-end starts August 22nd and ends August 28th. For all budding designers or accomplished fashionistas, the Auckland Viaduct is the place to be if you are seeking creative inspiration or simply an outfit for your next cocktail party. While the Viaduct is typically an oasis for the most elaborate hipsters flaunting their wares, New Zealand Fashion Week dials up the concentration of experimental and fashion-savvy styles for one week only. Not only does Fashion Week promise the best designers and frocks, it also boasts a typically mellow Kiwi atmosphere intermingling the distinctly chic vibes of fashion. A truly unique experience that is unmatched worldwide, New Zealand Fashion Week is one-of-a-kind.

On display are some of New Zealand’s most famous designers looking to exhibit their talents to international buyers and the world’s press. Previous designers include Annah Stretton, Andrea Moore, and Helen Cherry, to name a few of New Zealand’s prominent talents. While the word is not yet out on who is to join local talent for the 2016 edition, with such impressive alumni it can be safely assumed that the schedule will include talented designers, young and old, who promise equal measures quirk and refinement.

Catwalk at NZ Fashion Week
Catwalk at NZ Fashion Week

New Zealand Fashion Week is just as much about pleasure as it is about business, which is why a particular buzz tends to fill the air around this time of year. When designers and fashion folk are not otherwise altering gowns and fixing frocks, most of their time is spent socialising out in the Auckland social sphere. Britomart is the usual hangout for trendy fashion-seekers, with its graceful buildings, and is easily the hottest in Auckland nightlife. Likewise, down by the Wynyard Quarter you will come across a range of waterfront restaurants serving scrumptious seafood and no shortage of enticing bars to keep you hydrated for a long week of heels on catwalks.

all blacks fashion week
All Blacks at the NZ Fashion Week 2015

For any rugby fans sitting among the catwalk as spectators, do not dismiss the chance of seeing your favourite All Blacks rugby players take the runway. Because would it really be New Zealand Fashion Week without the All Blacks? While there can be no promises, over the past few years the All Blacks have made a point of stripping down for the one-week-only show. If you need more proof, it just so happens the All Blacks go into camp on August 22nd. Coincidence? We think not.

So New Zealand really does have everything for all prospective fashion designers. Perhaps of most importance, though, is to mix business with pleasure to truly experience what New Zealand fashion week is all about.

Where all the Fashion Weekers hang out.
Where all the Fashion Week-ers hang out.