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Sheep farm in Lake Wakatipu | © ItravelNZ/Flickr
Sheep farm in Lake Wakatipu | © ItravelNZ/Flickr
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7 Stereotypes Every New Zealander Hates

Picture of Thalita Alves
Updated: 20 February 2017
Rugby mad? Perhaps. Friendly and humourous? Absolutely. However, there are plenty of stereotypes about Kiwis that don’t hold their weight. Here are some of the common misconceptions that will make every New Zealander say: “Yeah, nah”.

Anything sheep-related

Yes, there are lots of sheep, but not as many as you think. In fact, that whole “New Zealand has more sheep than people” stereotype is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Let’s not even go into those “sheep-shagging” jokes – Kiwis might join in for a bit of banter, but they’ve probably heard every single gag there is.

Sheep farm in Lake Wakatipu
Sheep farm in Lake Wakatipu | © ItravelNZ/Flickr

New Zealand = Middle Earth