18 Beautiful Places to See in Auckland, New Zealand

Rotorua Inland, New Zealand │© Hung Wai Lok/Shutterstock
Rotorua Inland, New Zealand │© Hung Wai Lok/Shutterstock
Auckland is filled with natural beauty. Venture beyond the urban throes of the bustling city centre to find a remarkable collection of picture-perfect landscapes and coastlines. Set your sights on these incredible locations to truly immerse yourself in the natural wonders surrounding New Zealand’s largest and most diverse city.

Island paradises

Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf has gifted us with a trove of scenic islands to visit. Catch the ferry from downtown Auckland to start exploring these breathtaking destinations.

Waiheke Island

An island renowned for its vineyards, beaches, forested plains, and compelling walking trails.

Waiheke Island, New Zealand │ © Troy Wegman/Shutterstock

Great Barrier Island

Untapped beauty at its finest, and only a short ferry trip away, the Great Barrier Island is ideal for a day’s outing.

Great Barrier Island │ © Alex Schwab/Flickr


A historic land of wonder as well as a coastal sight worth exploring.

Devonport view of Auckland City │ © Bernard Spragg. NZ/Flickr

Rotoroa Island

An underrated but incredibly beautiful heritage site, Rotoroa Island is a must-visit for all passing tourists.

Rotorua Inland, New Zealand │ © Hung Wai Lok/Shutterstock

Parks and natural reserves

The region is never short of well-preserved parks and reserves. Whether you’re keen to discover some native plant life, or you want to spend the day perusing some of Auckland’s best hiking trails, these are just some of the natural wonders worth visiting.

Auckland Domain

This remarkable inner-city park offers plenty of picturesque landscapes and cultural attractions.

Lovers Lane, Auckland Domain © Murat WithHat/Flickr

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Discover a magnificent variety of plants and flowers from New Zealand and abroad at this 64-hectare botanic garden.

Sunset, Auckland Botanic Gardens © russellstreet/Flickr

Wenderholm Regional Park

A blend of tranquil beaches and forested plains make Wenderholm Regional Park a wondrous sight.

Boat ramp at Wenderholm Regional Park © Tim Mcnamara/Flickr

Waitakere Ranges

With 16,000 hectares of native bush and coastlines, it’s no wonder the Waitakere Ranges are considered a local treasure.

Waitakere Ranges © thinkrorbot/Flickr

Hunua Ranges

Waterfalls, hiking trails, and all-round breathtaking scenery draws people to this idyllic west coast destination.

Hunua Falls © ItravelNZ/Flickr

Shakespear Regional Park

Beaches, farmland, and picture-perfect landscapes make this area a popular stopover for locals and tourists.

Rangitoto from Shakespear Regional Park │ © russellstreet/Shutterstock

Volcanic cones

Auckland’s 48 dormant volcanoes are simply exquisite. The three main summits provide a panoramic perspective of the region that needs to be seen up close to be truly appreciated.

Mount Eden

Along with a full view of Auckland, Mount Eden‘s crater is guaranteed to humble you with its greatness.

Mount Eden, Auckland © macronix/Flickr

One Tree Hill

A historic and beautiful location that’s surrounded by a well-preserved park and farmland.

One Tree Hill Auckland © Bernard Spragg/Flickr

Rangitoto Island

Head to the island‘s namesake summit, trek to the top, and reward yourself with a collection of remarkable vistas.

Rangitoto Island © Department of Conservation/Flickr

Peninsulas and beaches

So many coastal treasures, so little time. Take a quick dip at some of the best beaches and bays in the vicinity.

The North Shore

Takapuna, Long Bay, Torbay, Cheltenham Beach – the North Shore has its fill of incredible coastal treasures.

Long Bay, North Shore, Auckland © Phillip Capper/Flickr

The West Coast

Sandy beaches, rugged plains and nippy waters compel visitors to explore Auckland’s West Coast.

Gannets at Muriwai, on Auckland's West Coast © GPS 56/Flickr

Goat Island

A marine reserve just north of Auckland that all snorkeling and scuba-diving enthusiasts will relish and admire.

Goat Island, NZ © Sara/Flickr


Beautiful coastlines, a lovely surrounding village, and wineries aplenty – there’s a bit of everything in Matakana.

A winery in Sandspit, Matakana © Anne-List Heinrichs/Flickr

Awhitu Pensinsula

A peaceful beach on the Manukau Harbour that’s surrounded by magnificent wetlands and wildlife.

Manukau Heads Lighthouse, Awhitu Peninsula © russellstreet/Flickr