15 Photos That Prove New Zealand is Perfect in the Spring

Tui on a Kowhai Tree | © Auckland Photo News/Flickr
Tui on a Kowhai Tree | © Auckland Photo News/Flickr
New Zealand takes a new life form during the spring months. A splash of colour starts to seep in, easing the nation into a pleasant sense of bliss before venturing into summer. Here are 15 photos that perfectly capture this blossoming transition.

Magnolias are among the first flowers to make a dazzling entrance

Sea of pink magnolia flowers, Dunedin botanic garden, Otago, New Zealand © Thomas Sobek/Flickr

Cherry trees also brighten up many parks, gardens and urban landscapes across the country

Cherry Grove in Auckland Domain © russellstreet/Flickr

As the native Kowhai trees begin to flourish, the tui birds come out to play

Tui on a Kowhai Tree © Auckland Photo News/Flickr

Springtime in Hobbiton is like stepping into a fairy tale garden

Hobbiton © StockSnap/Pixabay

Christchurch Botanic Gardens is just one of the places to welcome spring with a blanket of daffodils

Daffodils, Christchurch Botanic Gardens © Bernard Spragg/Flickr

Architectural marvels like Dunedin’s Railway Station are enhanced by a bed of flowering blooms

Dunedin Railway Station © arvid97/Pixabay

Alpine ranges, especially around Lake Tekapo, are transformed by a collection of wild lupins

Russell Lupins in Lake Tekapo © Bernard Spragg/Flickr

Even that lone tree in Wanaka is given a whole new visage

Wanaka Tree © Mariamichelle/Pixabay

Dandelions start appearing in the most unexpected places

New Zealand Dandelions © Pixabay

Mystical mountainous areas like Tongariro get their fair share of springtime love too

Road near Tongariro National Park © holgerheinze0/Pixabay

In spring, the rolling pastures are rife with greenery

New Zealand Countryside © Pixabay

And many vineyards are ripe for picking

Rippon Vineyard, Lake Wanaka © Pixabay

Spring is New Zealand’s low tourist season, making it ideal for exploring popular destinations like Milford Sound

Milford Sound Cruise © Bernard Spragg/Flickr

But travel hotspots like Queenstown are picturesque in every season

Walter Peak High Country Farm, Queenstown, New Zealand © denisbin/Flickr

Basically, wherever you end up staying, you can marvel at a showcase of vibrant flowerbeds and lush landscapes

Azalea tree in Rotorua © denisbin/Flickr