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Lake Pukaki, New Zealand | © Bernard Spragg/Flickr
Lake Pukaki, New Zealand | © Bernard Spragg/Flickr
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15 Landscapes You'll Only Find in New Zealand

Picture of Thalita Alves
Updated: 30 August 2017
Volcanoes, geothermal springs, alpine lakes, snowy mountains, limestone caves, fjords, sounds, forests, islands, beaches…it’s fair to say that New Zealand’s geographical features are some of the most diverse in the world. The country’s striking landscapes that have enticed filmmakers and nature lovers alike to cherish its unspoiled horizons. Now it’s your turn to experience some of these exquisite terrains: here are 15 natural wonders you simply will not find elsewhere.

Doubtful Sound

When you think of Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound is the first sight that comes to mind. But the breathtaking showcase of unspoilt wilderness along its lesser-mentioned sibling, the Doubtful Sound, is definitely worthy of a visit too. Along with being the deepest, and quietest, of the area’s fjords, Doubtful Sound is filled with unique wildlife, flora and fauna.

Doubtful Sound, New Zealand
Doubtful Sound, New Zealand | © Bernard Spragg/Flickr


Piha is the most famous of Auckland’s beautiful black-sand west coast beaches. Renowned for its cinematic appearance in the dramatic feature film The Piano, Piha’s natural remoteness makes it a desirable escape from the city rush. The area is surrounded by lush rain forests, along with comprising two surf beaches, a sheltered lagoon, a waterfall and the Lion Rock that separates Piha’s northern and southern ends.

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s home to some of the land’s finest forces of nature. Volcanoes, active craters, glacial lakes and astonishing alpine views have made this site a must-visit for hikers. In fact, the park is where you’ll find one New Zealand’s ever-popular Great Walks: the alpine-based Tongariro Northern Circuit.

Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand
Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand | © Pixabay

Waitomo Caves

You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to fall in love with the Waitomo Caves. A cruise along the underground cave systems will bring you up close and personal to New Zealand’s unique glowworm species, the Arachnocampa luminosa, who light up the limestone formations to create a sublime starry-night setting.

Waitomo Glow Worm Caves