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A white sand beach on Ouvea, New Caledonia | © Thomas Ballandras / Flickr
A white sand beach on Ouvea, New Caledonia | © Thomas Ballandras / Flickr

The Most Beautiful Beaches in New Caledonia

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Updated: 9 March 2017

You don’t have to travel far in New Caledonia to discover some of the most beautiful and idyllic beaches in the South Pacific. Picture long stretches of powdery, white sand melting into azure waters, with a touch of French and Melanesian culture. Most beaches are accessible and often quiet, offering outstanding snorkel opportunities right off the shore.

Amedee Beach

The Amedee Lighthouse Island is one of the most popular day trips for visitors to Noumea. The island is home to one of the tallest lighthouses in the world, which had to be constructed in Paris in 1862. Amedee Island is a stunning white-sand island surrounded by pristine waters, with plenty of snorkeling opportunities off the beach as well as glass bottom boat tours. The island is only 24 kilometers from Noumea, which is why it tends to top the list of must-do activities for anyone visiting the capital.

Amedee Beach, Amedee Lighthouse Island, New Caledonia

Amedee Island, New Caledonia | © Vincent Chaigneau / Flickr

Amedee Island, New Caledonia | © Vincent Chaigneau / Flickr

Yejele Beach

Yejele Beach is a favorite among travelers to New Caledonia. It’s everything you imagine a South Pacific beach to be, with its inviting turquoise waters and stretch of sandy beach. Located on the island of Mare, Yejele Beach is often lined with a number of local stallholders offering tourists an array of services or products, such as cold beers, massages or handicrafts. Yejele Beach can get busy with cruise ship passengers, but on a quiet day, you can have the beach to yourself.

Yejele Beach, Mare Island, New Caledonia

Kuto Beach

Located within the southern group of islands of New Caledonia,  L’Île-des-Pins, or Isle of Pines, is one of the country’s most famous islands for tourism. There are several stunning bays to visit with pure white sandy beaches, in particular the beautiful Kuto Bay and Kuto Beach. The island is unique and rather striking with the number of pine trees growing, hence its name. The lush rainforest provides a stunning contrast to the turquoise waters.

Kuto Beach, Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

Beach on the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia | © Taryn / Flickr

Beach on the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia | © Taryn / Flickr

Fayaoue Beach

One of the atolls which makes up the Isles Loyaute (Loyalty Islands) is Ouvea, famous for its 25 kilometer-stretch of white sand and waters which subtly change hue. Fayaoue Beach is the country’s longest beach and the sand is very fine, easily slipping through your fingers and toes like a soft powder. The length of this beach means it’s easy to find a spot to yourself, especially on days when there are no cruise ships visiting the island. The atoll is part of a protected area called the New Caledonia Lagoon, which offers world-class diving with plenty of colorful marine life.

Fayaoue Beach, Ouvea Island, New Caledonia

Ouvea, New Caledonia | © Thomas Ballandras / Flickr

Ouvea, New Caledonia | © Thomas Ballandras / Flickr