Where To See Cars Roll Uphill in Australia
Throughout the world there are hundreds of mysterious hills where cars appear to roll upwards, contradicting the laws of gravity. For years people have wondered whether supernatural or magnetic forces are to blame, or whether Gravity Hills are proof of a glitch in the space-time continuum – but the real explanation is a lot more complicated than that.

Also known as magnetic hills and mystery spots, it turns out that these optical illusions are due to the layout of the surrounding environment. Gravity Hills are found in places where the horizon is either curved or largely obstructed, and the lack of a horizon, or a false horizon makes judging the gradient and slope of a surface difficult. As our eyes mislead us and fail to judge perpendicularity, our perception of the landscape is altered. In Australia, there are four known Gravity Hills.

Bowen, New South Wales

On the foothills of the Blue Mountains lies the small town of Bowen Mountain which is home to one of two Gravity Hills in the state of New South Wales. Located on Mountain Bowen Road following the turnoff from Grose Vale Road you’ll find Magnetic Mountain. The illusion starts at the intersection of Bowen Mountain Road and Westbury Road and continues 50 meters uphill.

Moonbi, New South Wales

Situated 20 kilometres north of Tamworth, Moonbi is home to just 357 people, but many travel from across the state to visit Gravity Hill. To reach the short stretch of road turn right at the foot of Moonbi Park Lookout Road. The Gravity Hill in question is located where the northbound traffic lane connects with the southbound traffic lane.

Woodend, Victoria

One hour north of Melbourne, close to Mt Macedon and Hanging Rock is the town of Woodend where you’ll find the southernmost Gravity Hill in the world. Known as Anti-Gravity Hill, the optical illusion is found in Straws Lane.

Orroroo, South Australia

Located in the Flinders Ranges, the country town of Orroroo is quite fond of their Magnetic Hill, so much so that there are signs and giant magnets pointing the way. Travelling from Peterborough to Orroroo turn left at the T-junction, drive across the railroad tracks and follow the signs towards the gravel road.