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What’s On This Weekend In Melbourne
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What’s On This Weekend In Melbourne

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Updated: 28 July 2016
With August just around the corner, it’s time to make the most of the final days in July, and Melbourne is delivering a variety of events including thrilling theatrics, Potterhead parties and much more.


FILM | The 65th Melbourne International Film Festival

This year’s Melbourne International Film Festival will bring you the latest local and international features, documentaries and short films as well a brand new Virtual Reality program.

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Courtesy of MIFF

NIGHTLIFE | Celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday At Brown Alley In Melbourne

Merlin’s beard, Harry Potter, is turning 36 this year, and you’re invited to celebrate and ‘boogie down like a unicorn’ this July in Melbourne.

Hogwarts Castle | © Carlos Cruz/WikiCommons

ASTRONOMY | Einstein’s Gravity: Black Holes, Dark Matter And Gravitational Lensing

Professor Stuart Wyithe presents a lecture on the relationships between gravity, black holes and galaxy formation.

Albert Einstein | © Anefo/Wikipedia


ARCHITECTURE | Step Behind Closed Doors At Melbourne’s Open House Weekend

This July, Open House Melbourne is inviting you to step behind closed doors to explore the interiors of over 100 buildings throughout Melbourne that aren’t normally open to the public.

Melbourne Old Treasure House Entrance Door | © Donaldytong/Wikipedia

MUSIC | Rumour Has It: The Life And Music of Adele

See Australian stage darling Naomi Price as she portrays Adele in the show Rumour Has It and delivers all your favourite hits.

Adele Live 2016 tour | © Egghead06 /Wikipedia


THEATRE | Ghost Stories Is Creeping Into Melbourne’s National Theatre

The psychologically thrilling theatrical production Ghost Stories has made global audiences scream and is ready to terrify Melburnians this July.

Courtesy of Prince Moo Productions