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Caitlin Price, Spring/Summer 2017 | GlamUK/Flickr
Caitlin Price, Spring/Summer 2017 | GlamUK/Flickr
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What Women are Wearing in Australia this Summer 2017

Picture of Paris Donnatella Callan
Updated: 19 November 2017
As the seasons change, new styles hit the stores and trendsetters take to the streets donning the latest, most-coveted items. In a place like Australia, where fashion reigns supreme, the street is one of the best ways to gauge new trends. From fashion bloggers and style mavens, to naturally on-trend trendsetters, Australia’s fashion scene is thriving. Want to be ahead of the game? Here is what women are wearing in Australia this summer, 2017.


It’s all gone a little back to the 8’0s this season. For Spring/Summer 2017 the runway was laden with all things glitz, glamour and downright fabulous; think sequins, waist belts and shoulder pads. Over-the-top is the way to go with this one; rock it like a boss, this is the new uniform for summer celebrations.

Roberto Verino, SpringSummer2017 | cristina cifuentes:Wikicommons
Roberto Verino, Spring/Summer2017 | cristinacifuentes/Wikicommons


The romantic trend sees sheer, diaphanous, floaty fabrications used in abundance; throw in some florals for effect, perhaps a high collar, and you’re good to go. The romantic trend does particularly well when juxtaposed with bold jewellery to create a modern-day fairytale-type effect.

PaulmerHarding SpringSummer2017 | GlamUK:Flickr
Paulmer Harding, Spring/Summer2017 | GlamUK/Flickr


Minimalism made a comeback some years ago and has been a steady feature on each season’s runway since. Structured, tailored and effortless, minimalism ties in well with sports luxe. Dress down an outfit with some slick kicks and you’ll be trend on point.

Roberto Verino, SpringSummer2017 | cristina cifuentes:Wikicommons1
Roberto Verino, Spring/Summer2017 | cristinacifuentes/Wikicommons


Stripes are back, bigger and bolder this spring/summer 2017. Go hard or go home is the theory on the runway so give it all in a full-striped jumpsuit. Whether its horizontal, vertical, thick or pinstripe, they’ll all be ruling the sidewalk this summer in Australia.

Sibling SpringSummer2017 | GlamUK:Flickr
Sibling, Spring/Summer2017 | GlamUK/Flickr


A match made in heaven: florals and summertime. Whilst the rest of the world is facing winter, those in the Southern Hemisphere, like Australia, are donning their most dreamy floral numbers. Pair with other patterns to get the most on-trend effect.

Inifd SpringSummer2017 | GlamUK:Flickr
Inifd Spring/Summer2017 | GlamUK/Flickr

Pretty in Pink

Pink ruled the runways for spring/summer 2017. From delicate rose petal shades to florescent hues, and every tone in between, this will certainly be the colour of the summer. Go for a full-on pink look or team with white to master this trend.

MartaJakubowski SpringSummer2017 | GlamUK:Flickr
MartaJakubowski SpringSummer2017 | GlamUK/Flickr

Shine Bright

Other pop colours are in trend too; in fact, pretty much any colour goes as long as it’s bright and bloody fearless. Vibrant shades of yellow, green and blue will turn the most heads. Again, pair with neutral shades such as white or grey.

Sibling SpringSummer2017 | GlamUK:Flickr copy
Sibling, Spring/Summer2017 | GlamUK/Flickr

Pattern Party

Mixing and matching is hardly a new trend, but it certainly dominated the runway for spring/summer 2017. Expect the streets of Australia to be laden with magical mixtures of pattern, textures, colours and shapes. The bolder, the better.

Burberry SpringSummer2017 | GlamUK:Flickr
Burberry, Spring/Summer2017 | GlamUK/Flickr

Confetti Liner

Confetti liner is this summer’s beauty trend. Fun and playful, Instagram stars are already catching onto this next major trend. Before summer is in full swing, all the cool kids will be wearing it. Start now and be a trendsetter, not follower!