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21855 {candyfloss} © Richard Sue/Flickr
21855 {candyfloss} © Richard Sue/Flickr
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What They're Watching In Australia This Spring

Picture of Monique La Terra
Updated: 3 October 2016
During the coverage of the Rio Olympics, Melbourne TV sets were inundated with commercials of upcoming television programs and with the Games finally over it’s time to watch these much-anticipated programs. On our list, we’ll look through decadent desserts on the Seven Network, Block-tastic Reno shows and arranged marriages on the Nine Network, marooned castaways and a mansion full of ladies on Channel 10. We’ve also listed all films that are coming to a theatre near you this September – and which ones are perfect for the school holidays.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts

Seven Network

The Dark Lord of the Pastry Kitchen Adriano Zumbo and British cook Rachel Khoo have invited 12 amateur dessert-makers to Zumbo’s Dessert Factory in search of Australia’s best, undiscovered patissier. In each episode the contestants face a Sweet Sensations Challenge after which the two least impressive dessert makers move onto the Zumbo Test. Among the challenges and tests already faced this season are gravity-defying desserts, children’s birthday cakes, Franken-desserts, The Wonka Hat and The Croquembouche. The contestants are up against the factory clock and to keep time they are guided by Gigi Falanga.

The Block

Nine Network

Now in its 12th season, The Block has hammered its way into the Australian subconscious to become the country’s favourite renovation show. This season five teams are tackling an Art Deco, heritage-listed soap factory at 164 Ingles Street, Port Melbourne. The couples include high school sweethearts William and Karlie, experienced renovators Dan and Carleen, best mates Andy and Ben, Newcastle parents Chris and Kim and The Block’s first same-sex couple Sasha and Julia. To oversee the work is host Scott Cam, back in his blue work shirt with challenge master Shelly Craft and judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer, along with foreman or should we say ‘Blockinator’ Keith and his right-hand man Dan.

Australian Survivor

Channel 10

Previous attempts to recreate the American TV phenomena in Australia have failed to outwit, outplay and outlast, but this year Channel 10 have managed to win over audiences with Australian Survivor. The format of the show is the same as the U.S. version with immunity challenges, hidden idols, and tribal councils, and host Jonathan LaPaglia even looks like (the American host) Jeff, but that’s where the similarities stop. After a recent tribal council shock where tribe members were swapped not eliminated it became clear that the Aussie version has a few surprises in store. Never-before-seen challenges, the unforgiving Samoan landscape and tribal drama have put Australian Survivor on our radar.

The Bachelor

Channel 10

The fourth season of The Australian Bachelor follows Richie Strahan, who previously finished in third place on the Bachelorette, on his quest for love. Packed with cat fights, eye rolls and tears this season has seen more drama than possibly any other, usually stemming from cult-escapee Keira, who was sent home during a disastrous yoga date. Other shocking moments include when early favorite Megan quit the show, the arrival of three intruders and of course those rumours of a contestant involved in an affair with a crew member. Only time will tell who wins Ritchie’s heart and is presented the final rose, but our guess is Alex, Olena or Nikki.

Married At First Sight

Nine Network

Matrimonial experiment Married At First Sight intially premiered in Australia last year, with the third season currently on Channel Nine. Five couples including the show’s first gay couple have agreed to an arranged marriage where they each meet their spouses for the first time on their wedding day. The team of match-makers includes a neuropsychotherapist, relationship expert and psychologist who observe the couple as they wed, head off on their honeymoon, meet the in-laws and begin living together. So far we’ve seen awkward photo shoots, ridiculous dance moves, helicopter rides, deal-breaking realisations and disapproving dads.


Directed by Tim Ferguson and Marc Gracie, Australian film Spin Out tells the story of best mates Lucy and Billy who have grown up together driving Utes in a small outback town. After one particularly dangerous stunt Lucy declares that’s she’s had enough and is moving to the city. Drama and hilarity unfold during the Bachelors and Spinsters event leaving Billy questioning his true feelings for his best friend. Starring Morgan Griffin, Xavier Samuel and Lincoln Lewis and music from Taylor Henderson this romantic comedy will leave you in a spin.

Commences September 14, 2016