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What's On in Sydney: 10 Unmissable Events this Spring
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What's On in Sydney: 10 Unmissable Events this Spring

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Updated: 27 January 2016
With the weather warming up in Sydney, its pays to be outside engaging in the multitude of Spring activities – experiencing the rich culture that this dynamic city has to offer. With plenty to do and to see , the new season is already in full swing, We explore the top ten events to mark in the diary when out and about in Sydney.
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Food | Vino Paradiso

31 October to 2 November

With such an abundance of choice on offer, not every visitor will have the time to frequent all the dining venues that Sydney has on offer or indeed, to explore the sprawling, verdant New South Wales wine country. Fortunately, food and wine aficionados should not feel overwhelmed, as they can pay a visit to the extensive Vino Paradiso food festival held at the Australian Technology Park. Allow gastronomic experimentation to sweep you away in three days filled with live bands, DJ’s and, of course, food, wine and beer sourced from producers across Australia. The event is divided into morning and evening shows, so there is food and expertise enough for all.

Australian Technology Park, Locomotive St, Eveleigh NSW, Australia + 613 0030 5060

Festival | Out and About Sydney

19 September to 12 October

This Spring is a perfect time to experience modern Australian culture whilst enjoying the mild Spring weather. Taking place in venues across Sydney, this year’s Out and About Sydney festival is themed around the term ‘endangered’ and examines the natural facets of Australian culture that are rapidly fading with the onset of modernity and globalisation. Events take place in and around Sydney’s galleries and art spaces and as a centrepiece of the festival, Sydney’s Hyde Park is transformed into a public art gallery with exhibitions displayed on different walking paths within the park.

Various locations across Sydney

Food | Sydney Craft Beer Week

8 October to 26 October

The craft beer movement seems to be making its way across the globe and Australia is no exception, triumphantly unveiling Sydney Craft Week in October. The global popularity of the end product has bought increasing attention to the craft industry and for the 4th year running, 40 Sydney venues and bars unite to bring a true festival experience to the public, with over 100 events satisfying the curiosity of both beer enthusiasts and lovers of good food. This year’s festival is set to open with an exuberant gala at The Giant Dwarf Theatre, providing a one-stop event for people short on time yet demanding great things, featuring twenty different onsite brewers and a multitude of food trucks that would satisfy the most discerning of diners.

Various locations across Sydney

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Art | Sculpture by the Sea

23 October to 9 November

Originally beginning as a one day event organised by David Handley, who had newly graduated at the time of founding the festival, Sculpture by the Sea has grown across the span of its 17 years into a major cultural event in Australia. Gaining steadily positive international acclaim, the event has now moved into other major Australian cities and to Europe. Without a doubt, Sculpture by the sea is a mesmerizing, serene public art project of massive proportions. For two weeks, the beautiful coastal walk from Bondi to TamaRama beach is adorned with sculptures representing the work of 34 artists from 15 countries around the world. The mingling of the beautiful natural backdrop and mesmerising sculptures creates a walk that is not to be missed.

The walk starts on Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia, +61 2 8399 0233

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Art | Ken Thaiday

30 October to 23 November

At the end of October, the internationally acclaimed artist Ken Tahiday opens an exhibition in Sydney’s Carriageworks multi-arts centre. The exhibition focuses on performance installations and introduces visitors to the culture of the Torres Strait Islands. The traditional headdress or the Dhari is used by the artist as a foundation for creating massive kinetic sculptures that shift and change when adorned by a dancer. Using cultural customs and modern materials, Ken Thaiday’s work straddles an intersection between traditional folklore and contemporary culture. The dance performances, choreographed by the artist, are a must-see for visitors interested in the basis of sculpture, Australian history and dance.

Ken Thaiday, Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh NSW, Australia, +612 8571 9099

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Festival | Newtown Festival 9 November

A locally famous Sydney event, the Newtown Festival is back this autumn for another fantastic day filled with culture and creativity. The event was established and maintained for 36 years by the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre as a way to promote local artists and help raise funds for community support. Newtown is a vibrant neighbourhood with diverse local residents and a welcoming mix of artistic spaces and artisan cafés. Over the years, the festival has become a real hotspot of grass-roots creativity, and local performers and workshops feature prominently in the festival line-up. There is truly something for everyone from poetry readings, book shows, art installations, art workshops, and, of course, music. Newtown is renowned for being one of the foremost cultural hubs in Sydney and its annual celebration is certainly an event not to be missed.

Newtown Festival, Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown NSW, Australia

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Festival | Tiny Stadiums Festival in Erskineville

14 November to 22 November

During the ten day Tiny Stadiums Festival, visitors can experience the energetic performances that Sydney’s up and coming artists have to offer. For the duration of the festival, the entire suburb of Erskineville is transformed into one large performance arena. Alleys and spaces take the role of stages and exhibition-halls and the inner-city village becomes a truly vibrant cultural hub to explore. Year after year, Tiny Stadiums has featured an exciting, eclectic collection of artists ensuring that everyone will find something of interest walking though the welcoming neighbourhood of Erskineville.

Tiny Stadiums Festival, PACT Centre, 107-125 Railway Parade Erskineville NSW, Australia, +602 9550 2744

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Festival | Glebe Street Fair

16 November

Glebe Street Fair returns for its 31st year and arguably holds the title of Sydney’s best loved and longest running community event. In the suburb of Glebe Village, Glebe Point road springs into life, transformed into a kilometre long extravaganza of ethnic food stalls, local artisans showcasing their work, impromptu art galleries, street performers and a variety of musicians. Glebe Street fair is held in the tradition of Sydney’s weekend markets and truly exhibits the spirit of the culturally diverse Sydney neighbourhood.

Glebe Street Fair, Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW, Sydney, Australia

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Art | Rekko Rennie at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

30 November

For anyone interested in the amalgamation of Australian aboriginal heritage and modern urban culture, the Art Gallery of New South Wales holds a must-see exhibition by the Melbourne artists Rekko Rennie. No Sleep till Dreamtime is an energetic fusion of street art, hip-hop and the artists Kamilaroi heritage. Rekko Renni abandons the stereotypes of aboriginal romanticism and, with a flourish, explores the notion of aboriginal identity and sovereignty in an urban environment. The artist’s work aims to analyse the past through the lens of the present in order to offer insights into a better future for Australian society.

Rekko Rennie, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Art Gallery Rd, The Domain, Sydney, Australia, + 61 8006 79278

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Festival | TropFest

7 December

Erring towards the start of Summer rather than Spring, TropFest is nevertheless a Sydney Cultural event worthy of any compilation and one to be firmly marked in the calendar. Considered to be a springboard for the Australian Film industry, TropFest has aided many modern directors in gaining a head start within the film industry. The festival is an expansive and stimulating event held in the beautiful Centennial Park in Sydney and what’s more, it is free to attend. Festival goers will be treated to a multitude of outdoor film screenings, live music, and a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere. Tropfest it is a great way to wind down and get a glimpse into the future of cinema.

TropFest, Centennial Park NSW, Australia,