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Top 10 Things To Do And See At Sydney's Bondi Beach

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Updated: 24 July 2017
Bondi Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. Located in Sydney, Australia, this historic and gorgeous beach attracts more than 2.5 million people per year. Make sure you know the best activities before you visit. 

Bondi Surf Pavilion Community Centre

You can’t sink your toes in the warm sand without first visiting this historical landmark. The Bondi Pavilion has sat nestled at the crest of the Bondi Beach since 1929. Although it started out as a simple beach bathhouse, it has been transformed through the years into a vibrant community center featuring a theater, a gallery, multiple multi-function rooms, shops, a restaurant, and changing rooms. It is also the location of numerous cultural and film festivals throughout the year.

Bondi Surf Pavilion Community Centre, Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia, +61 2 9083 8000, +61 2 9083 8400

Let’s Go Surfing

Arguably the number one reason to visit Bondi Beach is that the area is a world-renowned surfing hub. Rent a board right by the beach or bring your own and hit the waves. It is an excellent location for both veteran and first-time surfers alike. There is a highly recommended surf school on the north end of Bondi that can provide you with boards, lessons, and advice. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are also available for those interested in exploring the slightly less traditional methods of riding the waves.

Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

Bondi Children’s Playground and Pool

Looking to enjoy a family vacation? There are many things to do in Bondi Beach for younger children. Two of the best spots are the Bondi Children’s Playground and the Bondi North Children’s Pool. Tucked away to the east of the Bondi Surf Pavilion is a fully-fenced playground for kids. Replete with climbing frames, sandpits, and ample shade, kids from ages one to ten will find ways to amuse themselves while you still get to take in one of the best water views of the beach. At the northeastern most point of the beach, you can also find the children’s pool where they can enter the ocean water without the fear of overpowering waves. Perfect for a kid’s first experience in the ocean and located right next to a number of restaurants and shops.

Bondi Children’s Playground, Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

Bondi North Children’s Pool, Ramsgate Ave, Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

Bondi Icebergs Baths

Do you enjoy the ocean views but would rather swim in a pool? Look no further than the Bondi Icebergs Baths, found on the southernmost section of the beach. For a small fee, people of all ages can relax or swim lengths in the pools so close to the shore it’s hard to believe it isn’t a part of the ocean. Take a break from swimming and grab some breakfast or lunch from The Crabbe Hole right by the pools. In the cooler months of June, July, and August, take advantage of the sauna to warm up.

Bondi Icebergs Baths, 1 Notts Ave, Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia, +61 2 9130 4804


Sam Fiszman Park

Bondi Beach is an extremely active place. There are crowds from very early in the day until the evening because of all the attractions available. However, there are peaceful places to escape all the noise and wall-to-wall people. Sam Fiszman Park is within close walking distance of the beach and yet provides a completely different atmosphere to enjoy. Established up on the cliffs on the north side of the beach are serene pathways and benches. Beautiful views of the ocean, the beach, and the encroaching city in the background are on display at this simple, yet quiet, getaway.

Sam Fiszman Park, Ramsgate Ave E, North Bondi, NSW, Australia

Celebrity Watch

Looking to grab an autograph or take a picture with a celebrity? Bondi Beach is one of the hottest sites for celebrity sightings in Australia. During the warmer months of December, January, and February, stars of all sorts can be found soaking up the sun and splashing in the refreshing ocean water. Just make sure you don’t accidentally interrupt a photo shoot.

Beach Barbecue, Picnic, and Restaurants

Interested in kicking back to enjoy an ice cold drink and cook a delicious roasted meal? Or would you rather enjoy a peaceful picnic while still getting some sun and delighting in the fresh salty breeze? Either way, Bondi Beach has a place for you. The Biddigal Reserve on the northeastern part of the beach has everything you need to throw a killer barbie. Bountiful shade, shelters, barbecues, a pool, and even play areas for younger members are at your disposal. If you’d rather be able to walk right up to the beach but want to keep your picnic out of the sand, Bondi Park is right off the beach. Stretching down the southwestern part of Bondi Beach is plenty of grass to enjoy a nice picnic or sunbathe. If you’re hungry but are interested in getting away from the beach for a bit, there are ample restaurants to select from right across the street.

The Biddigal Reserve, Ramsgate Ave, North Bondi, NSW, Australia

Bondi Markets

The Bondi Markets have long been a staple of a Bondi Beach visit. These bustling markets can be found on the Bondi Beach Public School grounds every Saturday and Sunday. It is the perfect place to grab a quick breakfast or find some organic produce on a Saturday morning. On Sundays, you’ll find yourself browsing over a number of stands selling different original designer clothes and unique arts and crafts. Maybe you’ll find that one standout item to complete an outfit or a memorable souvenir to remember your visit.

Bondi Markets, Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

Flickerfest Short Film Festival

A festival that comes from less glamorous origins, Flickerfest has grown tremendously in popularity and recognition. It has gained such success in recent years that it is now Academy accredited and celebrated as one of the principle short film festivals in the world. This is a full-fledged ten-day event that shows off some of the best short films from every genre, from comedies to animations and documentaries each night.

Flickerfest, Rear Bldg, Pavilion, off Campbell Pde (opp, Beach Rd) , Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia, +61 2 9365 6877

Festival of Winds

Kites of all colors, shapes, and sizes dominate the beach skyline as many Australian and international kite flyers demonstrate their skills. The kites participating in the festival have been crafted by these kite enthusiasts, and they even hold workshops on how to construct your own incredible kite creation. This festival is far from just a kite flyer’s dream, though, as this day is chock full of activities for all ages. International food stalls, art galleries, puppet shows, and children’s rides are merely some of the amazing entertainment available at one of Australia’s most celebrated spring festivals.

Festival of Winds, Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia, +61 2 9083 8000, +61 2 9083 8400