The Top 10 Restaurants In Melbourne’s South East

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9 February 2017

Have you already tried all of the city’s dining experiences? Are you sick of waiting in long queues just to have a decent meal? Then explore the city suburbs and discover these great options. Brilliant in taste and charming in experience, there’s something for everyone at these excellent restaurants in Melbourne’s south east.

Servery and Spoon | © Sue Roe Lim

Servery and Spoon, Malvern East

Cafe, Restaurant, Australian, Tea , Vegetarian
This is without a doubt the most comfortable caféin Malvern East, decorated with brightly coloured cushions and a sofa, with windows that give the café a light interior. The limited number of decorations lend the restaurant a simple and relaxed environment. The dishes may not sound the most appetizing on the menu, but do not let that fool you as the food definitely tastes far better than it sounds. The selection of dainty desserts is limited, but the quality of each one makes up for it. Just get a good book ready and expect the desire to stay longer.

Indian Harvest Restaurant, Malvern East

Restaurant, Indian, Vegetarian
Jake and The Beans Talk
Jake and The Beans Talk | © Sue Roe Lim
With its brick wall exterior, walking into Indian Harvest Restaurant is like being transported to a miniature five-star restaurant. Carpeted, with low lighting and white table tops, the interior of the restaurant creates a romantic atmosphere. You might expect this fine-dining setting to have a fine-dining service time (which is usually around half an hour), but with over 35 years of experience cooking Indian food, the chef successfully delivers faster than you’d expect. Good quality and affordable Indian curry defines this treasure.

Jake and The Beans Talk, Malvern East

Simple on both the outside and inside, the Jake and the Beans Talk café is a jewel for the locals. The staff and the menu are kid-friendly, evident by the number of families in the café. The coffee is generous in flavor and the food sticks closely to the format of the traditional English and Australian breakfast. It’s a homely, warm place to have a great breakfast at the weekend.

Jake and The Beans Talk, 510 Waverley Rd, Malvern East, VIC, Australia, +61 (03) 9571 6661

Aoba | © Sue Roe Lim
Aoba | © Sue Roe Lim

Aoba, Malvern

Cafe, Restaurant, Japanese, Tea
Eden Espresso
Eden Espresso | © Sue Roe Lim
This tiny and humble Japanese restaurant is easy to miss, but is one of the best Japanese food outlets Melbourne has to offer. The cozy restaurant is decorated with drawings and paintings of the chef’s daughter, giving the restaurant a personal touch. If you have tried Japanese food in Japan, you’ll know Japanese food is actually very salty. But Aoba successfully retains the authentic taste of Japan without making the dish too sodium-laced, delivering delicious, affordable and healthy food.

Eden Espresso, Malvern

Bar, Cafe, Coffee, $$$
Remy Bar
Remy Bar | © Sue Roe Lim
This shop in the middle of the busy township of Malvern has a simple and rustic interior of wooden tables and chairs with coffee bean sacks hung on the walls like art works. Do not worry though, the food is worth the wait. And the best part about Eden Espresso is how fresh and nutritious the food is without making healthy food the central theme of the café.

Remy Bar de Tapas Y Vino, Malvern

Bar, Restaurant, European, Spanish, $$$
Coin Laundry
Coin Laundry | © Sue Roe Lim
Spanish food, Spanish songs and Spanish guys. Remy Bar is known as ‘The Spanish Gem’, and definitely lives up to that name. The restaurant has a vintage interior which honours the Spanish culture as much as possible. The presentation and quality of the food is comparable to any five-star restaurant, and the most popular options is Spanish tapas. Order the sangria to set the meal off wonderfully.

Coin Laundry, Armadale

Cafe, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, French, Coffee, $$$
Image | courtesy Coin Laundry Café/Instagram
Named after the shop’s previous incarnation, Coin Laundry still retains much of the vibe of a launderette, with shirts hanging on the ceilings and clothes hooks on the walls. The smell of coffee hangs in the air and it’s as good as the taste. The food is the same, with well balanced flavors and textures and beautiful presentation.

Sagra, Malvern

Bar, Diner, Restaurant, Italian, Contemporary, Salad Bar, $$$
The Lovebird
The Lovebird | © Sue Roe Lim
Sagra brings a contemporary Italian twist to Malvern. The open kitchen is at the centre of the restaurant, so all the customers around the restaurant can witness the skills of the chefs; and the menu is rather experimental, which means a dish can be a real surprise to the diner. It is a refreshing experience compared to more standard fine-dining.

The Lovebird, Armadale

This is definitely one of the cutest cafés Melbourne has to offer. The decor of the Lovebird Café is cozy and imaginative, with a fairy tale-like vibe. The menu has flair, serving up Australian breakfast and brunch with a dash of Asian flavors. The service is slightly slow, but the food is worth the wait.

The Lovebird, 1102 High St, Armadale, Australia, +61 (03) 9995 3661

Bistro Thierry, Toorak

Bistro, Restaurant, Wine Bar, French, $$$
Get ready to be transported to France when you enter Bistro Thierry. Waiters dressed in waistcoats addressing customers as ‘Mademoiselle’ and ‘Monsieur’ and the dishes are authentic French food; the experience is probably the closest you can get to France in Melbourne. Portions may not seem big on the big plate compared to big Australian meals, but they are delicious and more than enough over a long, languid meal with plenty of wine.

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