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The Top 10 Brunch Spots In Kew, Australia

The Top 10 Brunch Spots In Kew, Australia

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Updated: 21 October 2016
Just a few kilometres east of Melbourne’s CBD lies Kew (aka ‘Q’), a leafy suburb away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. This suburb boasts its very own selection of popular brunch spots, and good food in a relaxed atmosphere is a priority here.  This list consists of the best cafes in the area.


Kew Nursery and Cafe

It’s called the Kew Nursery and Cafe, and it’s located where High Street and Gladstone Street meet for coffee and flowers. The nursery/cafe indeed sells various flowers and offers sign ups for planting consultations, tips, and quotes if you’re lacking green fingers. The kitchen closes at 2:30, so do not show up afterward or you may be forced to eat carrot cake for lunch. Their extensive brunch menu includes everything from eggs and pancakes to Moroccan chicken wraps. 

Kew Nursery and Cafe, 2 Gladstone St, Kew VIC +61 (03) 9853 5669


Rox Cafe

This cafe and brunch spot is appealing because of its central location on High Street in Kew. It features big windows, free wifi, air conditioning, an extremely friendly staff, and quality food to choose from. A popular choice is the grilled chicken burger, which includes pesto and smashed avocado along with all the trimmings and fries on the side. If your taste buds crave Arabic cuisine, the Moroccan chicken on seasonal rice will win you over. Rox Cafe opens early features a reclusive and cozy outdoor beer garden in the back.

Rox Cafe, 246 High St, Kew VIC +61 (03) 9853 4100


Via Verona

The very best time to enjoy Via Verona is when the weather is warm and the staff opens the large windows, so that you have the option of sitting outside. It has a fresh and unique selection of salads, including Italian favorites like fried calamari and potato gnocchi. Via Verona considers themselves ‘high-end in service to High Street,’ and they do not disappoint. Via Verona remains a quality cafe with a great location.

Via Verona, 193 High Street, Kew VIC +61 (03) 9853 2657


V Series

For those feeling eco-conscious, a visit to the green living shop expanse found along Princess and Brougham Streets in Kew is in order. Tucked in between ‘Leo’s Supermarket’ (with its huge organic selection) and the ‘Cannings Free Range Butchers,’ the V Series Café is distinctly vegetarian themed. A few options include varied muffin flavors (including peanut butter and green tea) along with a very delicious eggs benedict and mushroom dish. V Series is open seven days a week and has an outdoor, covered seating option.

V Series, 4/26 Princess St, Kew VIC +61 (03) 9939 6133


Image courtesy of V Series


Now and Then

Now and Then is another upper echelon cafe on the High Street of Kew. The white picket fence surrounding the seating area outside is not only easily detectable, but reminiscent of 1950s America. The food and menu are second to none, especially the Chicken Soba Noodles. N&T offers a well lit atrium with excellent decor, which we’ve come to expect from this local gem that has every angle covered, even their playlists are great.

Now and Then, 204 High St, Kew VIC +61 (03) 9853 8306

Image courtesy of N&T Café

Image courtesy of N&T Café


Cafe 147

Sometimes, price matters. In Kew, if you’re looking for a more affordable cafe with great quality, try Cafe 147 at 147 High Street. Cafe 147 highlights foods like foccacia and German schnitzels for lunch with a standard breakfast menu starting at 7am for early birds looking for worms and muffins. This cafe is four steps away from the Tram stop 33 for #s 48 and 109, so it’s a convenient place to grab a quick bite.

Cafe 147, 147 High St, Kew VIC +61 (03) 9939 1684


The Bean Thief

The comfortable setting here allows customers to enjoy an accommodating environment for catching up on all their must read novels. A self-described ‘family friendly’ cafe on High Street (closer to Victoria Park), this spot offers freshly made pastries and is thankfully open until 5:00. The exposed bricks and sunny back garden are likely two of the reasons that The Bean Thief receives such high reviews in Melbourne.

The Bean Thief, 773 High St, Kew East VIC +61 (03) 9859 8448

Image courtesy of The Bean Thief

Image courtesy of The Bean Thief


Laneway Coffee

Laneway Coffee is located directly at Kew Junction and offers total convenience. The prime location allows for patrons to wait for a tram (48) or a bus (200) in their shop and hop on the tram as it approaches. The optimistic and light-hearted directors of the cafe, who work behind the counter, will lift your spirits as they sing along to their own playlists. Laneway is open first thing in the morning and serves brunch, soups, smoothies, and sweets.

Laneway Coffee, 130 Denmark St, Kew VIC +61 (04) 33424157


Adeney Milk Bar Cafe

Adeney Milk Bar Cafe is a residential favorite located beside the beautiful Victoria Park in Kew. It’s conveniently and directly on the #48 tram line on Adeney Street and is really ideal for a relaxed weekend brunch. The cafe itself is quaint inside and offers lovely outdoor seating as well, and while there, be sure to try their salmon bagel. The staff is young and attentive, newspapers are available to read, and the windows here face the park for a lovely view.

Adeney Milk Bar Cafe, 70 Adeney Ave, Kew VIC +61 (03) 9817 3993

Image courtesy of Adeney Café

Image courtesy of Adeney Café


Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe

Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe is a creative, cool cafe with a rotating menu that is just a few minutes away from Kew Junction and High Street. It does, in fact, have a model aeroplane overhead. Funny chalkboard messages draw your attention inside, where the menu contains interesting foods like ‘French Fruit Toast’ and ‘Smoked Buxton Trout.’ They offer Lonely Planet travel guides to peruse while you eat, which will surely inspire wanderlust.

Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe, 96 Denmark St, Kew VIC +61 (03) 9939 7642

Image courtesy of Percy's

Image courtesy of Percy’s