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Kondalilla National Park | © Tourism Queensland
Kondalilla National Park | © Tourism Queensland

The Best Hiking Trails In and Around Brisbane

Picture of Kelly Hawke
Updated: 27 April 2017

As the weather cools, get ready to explore some of the beautiful great outdoors in South East Queensland. For those wanting to get active, we have unearthed some of the most beautiful and challenging hiking trails in and around Brisbane for you.

Springbrook National Park

Experience a subtropical oasis while wandering through Springbrook National Park. Filled with lush greenery, waterfalls and hidden caves, it’s the perfect place to explore. Once you’ve worked up a sweat there’s nothing better than cooling down under the falls.

Springbrook National Park, Queensland

Mount Nebo

An approximate 40 minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD, Mount Nebo is a must-do hike for all Brisbane adventurers. The Morelia walking track is not for the faint hearted, providing a course for those seeking a challenge. The reward is worth it, exceptional views of the surrounding area.

Mount Nebo, Queensland

Lamington National Park

This walk goes for about 20km, but if you’re not prepared for the full expedition then the must-visit is the Commera Falls. This track is fine for non-experienced hikers and has a big reward at the end, an epic view of the stunning falls.

Lamington National Park, Queensland

Kondalilla Falls National Park

If you’re a true nature lover, this is the hike for you. Along the walk you’re guaranteed to see a range of native Australian animals including wallabies, birds, platypus and goannas. The Kondalilla Falls Circuit passes through Skene Creek. These freshwater rock pools offer respite after a tiring trek.

Kondalilla Falls National Park, Queensland

Kondalilla National Park | © Tourism Queensland

Kondalilla National Park | © Tourism Queensland

Mount Coolum

Like many hikes, Mount Coolum is harder and longer than it appears but the reward at the end of sweeping views of the coast is worth the effort. We recommend attempting this early morning before the sun gets too hot. Once you’ve conquered the hike, you can reward yourself with a dip in the salty ocean, and a meal at one of the many restaurants along the Coolum Beachfront.

Mount Coolum, Queensland