The Best Food Markets in Sydney, Australia

Sydney Farmers Market, Author's Own
Sydney Farmers Market, Author's Own
Photo of Hannah Lewis
27 April 2017

At the weekend, Sydney comes alive with many amazing markets to explore, some including some very famous celebrity chefs serving cheap and fresh meals. There are also some other markets open every day of the week and stall holders reigning from all over the world sharing their local flavours. Here is a list of the best food markets in Sydney.

Sydney Seafood Markets

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As you may have guessed from the name, this market is all about food from the sea. The Sydney Seafood Market is the second largest in the whole world, selling 52 tonnes of seafood which means you’re bound to find whatever type of fish or crustacean you’re craving. You can pick up fresh food from one of the many stall holders including sushi, seafood platters and fish and chips, best eaten right by the harbour where the markets are located.

Bondi Farmers Market

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Every Saturday the Bondi School comes alive with the Bondi Farmers Markets. Producers and stall holders start setting up before the official opening at 9. You can pick up the week’s groceries from local vegetables, artisan bread and beautiful meats. But what this market is best for is grabbing a takeaway breakfast or lunch and eating it on the lawn in the sun. You can get Vietnamese pho from Bar Pho, loaded Mexican plates, bagels and Israeli cauliflower dishes to name a few.

Carriage Works Farmers Markets

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This industrial space was once a train service area. It looks somewhat abandoned, but come Saturday is heaving with energy as it is one of the most visited and popular markets in the city. There are countless stores selling beautifully fresh produce. This market is also where celebrity chef Kylie Kwong (owner of Billy Wong) sells freshly cooked Asian food. You’ll also be able to find plenty of freshly cut flowers too.

The Rocks Friday Foodie's Markets

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Located in the heart of the historical and stunning Rocks precinct, these markets are a great option if you’re from out of town and spending the day sightseeing. There is less of a focus on groceries here and more focus on stall holders preparing ready to go meals. There is delicious Turkish Gozleme, healthy freshly squeezed juices, sushi, cupcakes, German hot dogs and much, much more.

Chatswood Organic Markets

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If the weather turns bad but you’re still keen to venture to a market on the weekend, Chatswood Organic Market is the perfect place to go as it is undercover. Here you will find endless fruit and vegetables as well as fresh breads straight from the oven and beautiful cheeses, all of which have been certified organic.