The Best Experiences in Australia For Over-50s

Great Ocean Road | © The 3B's / Flickr
Great Ocean Road | © The 3B's / Flickr
Photo of Alice Duffield
10 January 2018

There are so many amazing experiences to be had in Australia, whether you’re travelling as a backpacker and want to hit up all the touristy spots, or later in life when you’re after a slightly quieter scene. We’ve rounded up the best options for over 50-year-old’s to see the highlights of the country, avoiding the clubs and engaging in a more mature travel experience.


Uluru has an incredible amount to offer those who are interested in Australia’s rich history. The area is often overlooked by young travellers because it doesn’t have a great nightlife scene or appear to have much else to do. It is, however a great option for those who like hiking trails, incredible sunrises, indigenous art and Australian history.

Travellers to Uluru will likely find themselves staying at the main accomodation option – Ayres Rock Resort. The resort offers so much to travellers – introducing them to bush tucker, providing guided desert tours and even offering educational sessions based on the local area.

Kata Tjuta | © nosha / Flickr

Cradle Mountain

If you’re a nature enthusiast then this is definitely one for you – and if you’re a hiker, even more so! You’ll be in good company with many of the other hikers being over 50 too. You can opt to hike the whole trail which can take some prep work, or do smaller walking tracks and still see some incredible views, dense flora, lakes and plenty of animal spotting opportunities.

Cradle Mountain | © Flickr / Steven Penton

Margaret River

While there may be loads to do in the Margaret River region, we think a quiet week of wine tasting and incredible foodie experiences is perfect for travellers over 50. Find a quaint bed and breakfast with an in-room fire, head there in winter and enjoy a cosy slow week with not too much on the agenda.

Margaret River Region | © Flickr / alexwon16

Camper Van Road Trip

This is an obvious choice for many over 50’s in Australia who take a well deserved extended break, buy or hire a camper van and take their time moseying around Australia’s most amazing natural wonders. If you’d rather take it in smaller bites there are heaps of stunning road trip options that won’t disappoint.

Explore the Kimberley

The Kimberley region spans the entire north-western corner of Australia and has such a variety of sights to offer. Start by cruising the pristine and untouched coast line – there are over 2,000 islands to see. Drive part way or the full ‘Gibb’ and take in breathtaking gorges, true Aussie outback stations and freshwater swimming holes.

The Kimberley Region | © Flickr / Roderick Eime