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Top 10 Restaurants In The Fitzroy Area Of Melbourne, Australia
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Top 10 Restaurants In The Fitzroy Area Of Melbourne, Australia

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Fitzroy, just a short tram-ride from Melbourne’s CBD, is no doubt one of Australia’s coolest suburbs. As such it has some of Melbourne’s coolest bars and restaurants. Read on to discover Fitzroy’s 10 best restaurants.
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Madame Sousou

From Les Champs Élysées in Paris to Fitzroy’s Brunswick Street, Madame Sousou offers classic French cooking in a classic European setting. You will transport yourself to the city of love when you walk into this traditional and elegant homage to la cuisine française. If you’re itching for a good confit de canard after your most recent trip to France, look no further than Madame Sousou. Here they provide brilliant French food, with the formidable Australian attention to good service.

Madame Sousou, 231 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9417 0400

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Brother Burger and The Marvellous Brew

It’s a match made in heaven: Australian craft beers with specially crafted, artisan burgers. Brother Burger and The Marvellous Brew has just that. Arguably Melbourne’s best burger bar, Brother Burger provides a juicy and delicious burger experience using only the best Australian 100 percent wagyu beef. They also use other unusual, palate-stimulating ingredients, coupled, of course, with Australian craft beer or cider. Don’t worry if you’re not of the meat-eating persuasion. Brother Burger offers delicious vegetarian options as well.

Brother Burger and The Marvellous Brew, 413 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9419 0088

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Cutler & Co.

A dynamic establishment by critically acclaimed Australian chef Andrew McConnell, Cutler & Co. serves a stunning variety of dishes exhibiting unusual and intriguing produce. Located in an old metal works factory, this award-winning restaurant achieves the balance between complex, sensational ingredients and simple contemporary cuisine. Cutler & Co. is an exciting culinary experience. It is a truly important establishment in Australia’s fine-dining sector.

Cutler & Co., 55–57 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9419 4888

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RST Seafood Restaurant

Classic and unpretentious, RST Seafood Restaurant has a simple premise: old-school seafood. There’s something especially comforting about such a laid-back perspective on food, something this restaurant has mastered. Without the complexity often seen in many contemporary establishments, RST strips it all back to what’s important: good, well-cooked, tasty seafood. RST welcomes seafood lovers of all ages in this relaxed and classic tavern.

RST Seafood Restaurant, 5 Rae Street, North Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9489 1974

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Naked for Satan

Doubling as one of Fitzroy’s most popular bars, as well as one of the best restaurants in the suburb, Naked for Satan is a superb spot to eat or drink. Its intriguing decor matches the hipster feel for which Fitzroy is famous. On the bottom floor you will find their revered vodka bar with a line-up of vodka from all around the world as well as their own infused products, made in-house. This is to be accompanied by typical Basque finger food called pintxos (pronounced ‘pinchos’). Upstairs is Naked in the Sky, Naked for Satan’s restaurant, where you can catch one of the best views of the Melbourne city skyline.

Naked for Satan, 285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9416 2238

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Smith & Daughters

As an excellent choice for vegetarians and omnivores alike, Smith & Daughters offer an all-vegan menu that is sure to please. With cramped communal seating arrangements, you can find some delicious and charming vegetarian South American specialities in this lively Fitzroy pub. If you’re afraid you’ll get to the end of your meal and be wishing that you had some meat on your plate, you need not worry. Smith & Daughters will leave you inspired and wanting more.

Smith & Daughters, 175 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9939 3293

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The Rainbow Hotel

In the style of an old English pub, The Rainbow Hotel is proud to hold the title of Melbourne’s oldest pub. Serving only the heartiest and chunkiest of pub food, you will struggle to leave hungry or dissatisfied. The Rainbow Hotel manages to maintain the balance of a sordid local pub full of footy fanatics, and a traditional English-style restaurant. It pours several different artisan beers from the tap alongside their comforting pub food.

The Rainbow Hotel, 27 St David Street, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9419 4193

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Peko Peko

With decor that takes you back to traditional eastern Asia, with a contemporary twist, this cozy little spot offers simple and relaxed Japanese and Taiwanese culinary delights. Peko Peko is located on Smith Street, a street full of many different little spots to eat frequented by students from the nearby university. This is a refreshing location if you’re looking for something affordable, quick and delicious.

Peko Peko, 199 Smith Street, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9415 9609

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Alpha Ouzeri

Alpha Ouzeri presents a modern twist on classic Greek cuisine that ensures a brilliant dining experience. Using only the freshest of ingredients and classic culinary techniques, this contemporary Greek tavern is a great place to experience Melbourne’s important Greek heritage and culture. As well as typical Greek meals, Alpha Ouzeri serves sharing platters to taste with friends.

Alpha Ouzeri,, 342 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9078 0582

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Pho La Que Basil Leaf

If you’re looking for a big feed at a low price, you’ve found the right place at this Vietnamese noodle bar. Donned with chic contemporary decor and refreshing art, Pho La Que Basil Leaf is a charming little restaurant in the heart of Fitzroy. You can find generous servings of authentic Vietnamese pho with quick and friendly service.

Pho La Que Basil Leaf, 369 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC, Australia