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The 10 Best Cafes In South Melbourne, Australia

The 10 Best Cafes In South Melbourne, Australia

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Updated: 9 February 2017
There is no doubt that Melbournians love their coffee. The city offers one of the most flourishing coffee cultures, so coffee aficionados are spoilt for choice. Only a stone-throw away from the city, you will find the vibrant suburb of South Melbourne. The main attraction, undoubtedly, is the South Melbourne market, but if you stick around long enough, you will discover countless amazing cafés. Here is our guide to the best.
Stokers Fine Pancakes
Stokers Fine Pancakes | Courtesy of Herta Nune

Brazil Coffee And Supply

Brazil Coffee and Supply can easily be missed en route to the South Melbourne market due to its small signage, but its consistently great cappuccinos and friendly head barista are definitely worth the stopover. The café is small yet hosts a contemporary and thoughtful coffee-themed décor. Offering amazing blends and spot-on temperature, this little gem deserves more credit.

Brazil Coffee and Supply,111 Cecil St., South Melbourne, VIC, Australia, +61 3 9077 8094

Stokers Fine Pancakes

They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and that is definitely the case when it comes to this little gem. Stokers may not look like much on the outside, but step into this little café and you will fall in love with its charming vibe and cozy fireplace. Each cup of coffee is thoughtfully extracted and beautifully executed. The Industry Beans used in their house blend deliver a naturally sweet espresso that can be enjoyed by itself or in combination with their mouthwatering pancakes.

Stokers Fine Pancakes, 231 Clarendon St., South Melbourne, VIC, Australia, +61 3 9682 8403

Giddiup | Courtesy of Herta Nune


Using Single Origin beans from Sydney, Giddiup definitely delivers a great latte. The strength is superb, and the milk is steamed to perfection, offering just the right layer of microfoam. The space is petit, but the large windows and contemporary design offer a bright and inviting space. In addition to great coffee, this little café offers a hearty big breakfast and delicious array of sandwiches prepared with fresh local ingredients.

Giddiup, 269 Coventry St., South Melbourne, VIC, Australia, +61 3 9682 8820

Magic | Courtesy of Herta Nune


Magic’s location is a bit isolated yet definitely worth the trip. The space is small, funky and inviting, with artwork displayed across the high ceiling walls. The latte is smooth and packed with flavor. If your cravings extend beyond coffee, grab one of their delicious donuts that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Magic, 286 Ferrars St, South Melbourne, VIC, Australia, +61 3 9041 8940

Meeting Hub Cafe Coffee Menu
Meeting Hub Cafe Coffee Menu | Courtesy of Herta Nune

Meeting Hub Cafe

The Meeting Hub Cafe is yet another lovely little café, complete with a charming and inviting French provincial décor, that can be easily missed amongst the continuous shops lined up on Clarendon Street. Using Axil coffee roaster beans, the extraction for the macchiato is spot-on,  packed with flavor and just the right amount of foamed milk.

Meeting Hub Cafe, 316 Clarendon St., Melbourne, VIC, Australia, +61 3 8528 5440

N. Lee Bakery Cafe

It’s no secret that the Vietnamese like their coffee strong. With this tradition in mind, N. Lee Bakery Cafe delivers a rich cappuccino that packs a punch. Nothing like a caffeine kick to keep you going when your morning stamina is slowly but surely fading. If you’re craving a little more than just coffee, grab one of their delicious bahn mi.

N. Lee Bakery Cafe, 234 Clarendon St., South Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Cafe Zappa
Cafe Zappa | Courtesy of Herta Nune

Cafe Zappa

Just off Clarendon Street, one can find Cafe Zappa, a quirky little café that takes you back in time, offering a cool homey vibe and a great cup of coffee. The extractions are up to par, the service friendly, and if you’re feeling a little hungry, there is plenty of delicious food.

Cafe Zappa, 206 Bank St., South Melbourne, VIC, Australia, +61 3 9699 9333

Padre Coffee

Padre Coffee is situated in the midst of all the South Melbourne market action. Delivering good strength smooth lattes, the skilled baristas not only make consistently good coffee but also some amazing latte art.

Padre Coffee, 322-326 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, VIC, Australia, +61 3 9699 8348

St Ali Coffee Roasters
Cafe, Australian, $$$
St Ali Coffee Roasters in Melbourne

St Ali's South Melbourne cafe | © Bex Walton / Flickr

St Ali Coffee Roasters

What seems to have previously been a garage has been transformed into St Ali, a trendy hidden hotspot of South Melbourne. The espresso is beautifully extracted and naturally sweet. This is the place for a brunch outing with its great ambiance and equally delicious food.

St Ali Coffee Roasters, 2-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne, VIC, Australia, +61 3 9686 2990

Chez Dré Patisserie Boulangerie
Chez Dré Patisserie Boulangerie | Courtesy of Herta Nune

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Chez Dré Patisserie Boulangerie

Chez Dré is a chic French-inspired café offering a delicious array of sweets and equally great coffee. The coffee is smooth and naturally sweet, but if you’re sweet tooth is still craving something more, you can’t go wrong with the artfully crafted desserts.

Chez Dré Patisserie Boulangerie, 285-287 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, VIC, Australia, +61 3 9690 2688