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The 10 Best Bars In Fitzroy, Melbourne
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The 10 Best Bars In Fitzroy, Melbourne

Picture of Matthew Clark
Updated: 9 February 2017
Melbourne’s northern inner-city suburb is constantly bustling with culture. From fancy cocktail bars to cool hipster dive bars, Fitzroy has what you’re looking for. Here are the best bars in this bohemian suburb.
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Polly Bar

Polly Bar is Fitzroy’s classic sombre cocktail and cigar lounge. Class is at the forefront of this cool Victorian-style bar, with its elegant deep-red interior, chandeliers, espresso Martinis and bartenders in crisp, dashing attire. You’ll feel like you’ve been taken back to the era of The Great Gatsby as you sip on one of the great, time-honored classic cocktails that are given only the greatest level of respect. Or perhaps try one of the original inventions by the team of exceptionally creative bartenders.

Polly Bar, 401 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9417 0880

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Black Pearl Bar

Don’t let the modern furniture and feel mislead you, the cocktails at Black Pearl Bar are authentic and traditional. The juxtaposition between the drinks that are served in lavish vintage glassware, the 1970s and 80s pop-rock playlist, and the smooth, straightforward interior design is spectacularly pulled off. It’s a chaotic mess of ideas that can be accepted only in Fitzroy. Feel free to order off the menu. Or if you’d like to challenge your bartender with the most left-of-field drink that tickles your interest, you’re sure to be impressed.

Black Pearl Bar, 304 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9417 0455

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Bimbo Deluxe

From classy to grungy, Bimbo Deluxe and its famous $4 pizzas and range of Australian beers is a great example of the 21st century bohemian lifestyle for which Fitzroy is famous. This hipster haven showcases Melbourne’s musical talent, with live DJs playing every night of the week. Among the rusted metal decor and miss-matching lanterns, you’ll almost feel overdressed in jeans and a t-shirt. But it’s not just about trends and fashion here. It’s about atmosphere, music and great, cheap drinks.

Bimbo Deluxe, 376 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9419 8600

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G&Tea Gin Garden

G&Tea Gin Garden suggests an unlikely fusion of traditional, high-class gin-based cocktails with classic and delicate high tea. Unlike your regular dimly lit gin bars, G&Tea is bright and refreshing and teaches you exactly how you didn’t know gin was supposed to be enjoyed. The decor makes you feel like you’ve joined Alice on the plunge down the rabbit-hole. Meanwhile, the cocktails mixed with the high tea will leave you wondering whether the Mad Hatter will walk in. All in all, this bar turned tea-house is fabulously flamboyant and perfect for a drink on a warm afternoon.

G&Tea Gin Garden, 100 Kerr St, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9417 7574

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When you walk into Kommune you will be inclined to ask a few questions, like “why are umbrellas hanging from the ceiling?”, and “how did they manage to attach a blue chair to the wall?”. But kooky interior design aside, the most important question of the evening, and certainly the hardest to answer, will be asked by the bartender: “what would you like to drink?” A list of brilliant Australian and New Zealand wines, as well as a few international bottles, awaits your perusal, but make sure you don’t make a decision before looking at the wide variety of beers also on offer.

The Kommune Canteen, 370 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9417 7029

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Hell of the North

Named after one of the oldest French cycling races, Paris-Roubaix (nicknamed ‘l’enfer du nord’) is Hell of the North. This is a restaurant and bar that offers some of Fitzroy’s best dining and drinking experiences in a casual atmosphere. The mix of clean wooden furniture and heavy stonewalls gives chilled-out rustic ambiance. Home to a compilation of fantastic artisan beers as well as great Australian wine, Hell of the North also serves some delicious contemporary cocktails.

Hell of the North, 135 Greeves St, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9417 6660

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The Alchemist Bar & Café

The Alchemist Bar & Café honors those whom they describe as the world’s first bartenders. That is, the ancient alchemists, who discovered alcohol and distillation on their quest to produce gold. The vintage decor and century-old restored furniture maintains a poised atmosphere in which you can enjoy one of the classic cocktails. The tapas menu provides delicious bar food to accompany the alcoholic creations from the bar.

The Alchemist Bar & Café, 361 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9419 8250

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Little Creatures Dining Hall

One of Australia’s top-shelf beer producers invites you to have a drink, or even dine, at Little Creatures Dining Hall. Serving local Australian beer with delicious modern pub food is the philosophy in what is Little Creatures’ version of an authentic German beer hall. It has an Australian twist of course. The decor is left simple and authentically Fitzroy. This leaves you to relax, enjoy the company, and, what is arguably most important, the beer.

Little Creatures Dining Hall, 222 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9417 5500

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The Everleigh

In its short history The Everleigh, which opened in 2011, has been awarded with various accolades. This includes being placed on Drinks International’s list of ‘World’s 50 Best Bars’. The philosophy adopted here is one that prioritizes attention to detail, whether that’s in the impeccable service or the meticulous preparation of cocktails. The Everleigh’s focus is on the classic art of cocktail making, with a modest list of drinks. The bartenders are well trained in traditional cocktails from the era of a particular cocktail’s birth.

The Everleigh Melbourne, 156/150 Gertrude St, Collingwood VIC, Australia +61 3 9416 2229

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The Kodiak Club

The Kodiak Club is Melbourne’s only bourbon bar, with the largest selection of American whiskeys in the city. But it’s not just about whiskey. The Kodiak Club’s menu of modern, regional American bar food will make you need another 15 minutes in tomorrow’s gym session. But, you will not regret it. The painting behind the bar depicts impressive North American mountains. It is a suitable backdrop for the primary focus of the bar: the bourbon. Don’t fret if bourbon isn’t your thing, though, The Kodiak Club has a variety of classic American beers to round off the authentic American experience.

The Kodiak Club, 272 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC, Australia +61 3 9417 3733