Rottnest Island: A Photographer's Paradise

Quokka | © Tammy Lee/Pixabay
Quokka | © Tammy Lee/Pixabay
Photo of Athira Mohan
11 July 2016

Photography has become a key part in the everyday activities of many individuals’ lives. Whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat, taking selfies, or behind the lens of a digital camera, travellers around the world document their backpacking adventures with photography. It’s a gratifying hobby for some and even a passionate career for others. With Rottnest Island, located off the shore of Perth city in Western Australia, it applies to both types of people – because Rottnest Island truly is a photographer’s paradise.

Transportation from the city of Perth is not a difficult task: you can get to the island with your own boat, ferry, or even by air, allowing an ‘air-taxi’ or flight to land on the island within 15 minutes. If opting for the ferry to the island, there is the opportunity to spot the glorious humpback whale during the winter season. If not that, other marine wildlife includes New Zealand fur seals, bottlenose dolphins, and a wide variety of tropical fish.

With this in mind, individuals can enter the island taking in the breathtaking sights it has to offer such as the glistening aquamarine waters alongside gorgeous sandy beaches. Fishing, swimming, and surfing as common recreation hobbies are popular here. Visitors can also opt to sit and relax by the beach with a good book – another wonderful alternative.

View of The Basin | © Athira Mohan

It’s recommended to hire a cycle when visiting for ease of exploration of the island. Thus, imagine biking alongside bays and clear waters, with the cool ocean breeze and warm sunshine working in harmony. The Basin, Parakeet Bay, and Little Armstrong Bay are some of the many sights to traverse upon when exploring the island. A photographer will find that they can absorb themselves in the tranquility of the island with their camera. They can lose track of time from dawn till dusk in admiration of the sights that Rottnest has to offer. Fortunately, there are accommodation options available for those who wish to stay for a longer period of time.

Another intriguing sight is the adorable ‘Quokkas’, a mammal species who are local inhabitants of the island. These especially friendly marsupials can only be seen on several of the islands off the coast of Western Australia. Quokkas are largely populated on Rottnest Island, with a smaller group on Bald Island. An ongoing craze in Australia has, in fact, to do with these delightful animals, whereby individuals have been taking selfies with the Quokkas. This would be an easy task given how comfortable they are with humans.

Quokka | © Tammy Lee/Pixabay

Photographers can also opt to spend their time taking up a day trail along the island to explore its panoramic viewpoints. ‘Wadjemup Walk Trail‘ is the renowned 50-kilometre trail which can be split into three portions. Each would approximately be between six to nine kilometers in distance. It’s on this trail that you can reach the Wadjemup Lighthouse where you can enter to stand in awe of the encircling landscapes from the top.

Wadjemup Lighthouse | © Renee/Pixabay

There are plenty of activities for a day’s adventure, if not longer. If nothing at all, the sparkling waters are enticing as the serenity that lies on this island, ideal for those who wish to be immersed in peacefulness. Rottnest Island is a must-visit for those who are lovers of the art of photography. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re in the proximity of the Land Down Under, your next visit should be to this beautiful piece of land.

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