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Lee Mingwei: The Moving Garden
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Lee Mingwei: The Moving Garden

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Updated: 20 June 2016
Most art exhibitions and galleries operate as a look-but-don’t-touch space; however, this is not the case with Taiwanese-American artist Lee Mingwei, who is a pioneer in creating exhibitions which invite the audiences to do the exact opposite. As a part of the Summer 2016/2017 program, the National Gallery of Victoria presents Lee Mingwei: The Moving Garden. The participatory display encourages museum guests to take a flower upon leaving the gallery under two conditions laid out by Lee: ‘first, to make a detour from their intended route when leaving the museum for their next destination; second, along this detour, to give the flower to a stranger who they feel would benefit from this unexpected act of generosity.’ Opening in October, this exhibition allows you to see a beautiful piece of artwork while taking part in an act of kindness.


📅 October 2016–January 2017