La Rumba: Music With No Boundaries

La Rumba: Music With No Boundaries
Having an absolute passion for the creation and playing of music, La Rumba started their band in 2009. Rumba, which inspired their name, is a rhythm in the traditional flamenco tree of rhythms — a style normally played at parties.
La Rumba Courtesy of La Rumba

Michael Rajab, Nathan Slater, Leo Salvo and Jaime Carrasco have mastered the core and soul of Spanish-Arabian music like no other. Performing regularly at Bourke Street in Melbourne, this band is believed to captivate the audience more than any other live performances. They seem to find a distinct adrenaline rush while performing in areas new and unrehearsed. The tunes create an aura that makes it next to impossible to not be mesmerised by their mystical world of melody.

There’s a lot about Australia that enthuses this band. They passionately compose, create and recreate some of the finest music, keeping in mind the rich heritage and culture behind it. The most admirable aspect is that all four come from different origins with different histories. It is a collaboration of Lebanese, South American and local talents brought up in Australia. It is a breath-taking amalgamation of creativity and instinctive knowledge. Michael says, ‘We have a song for every mood, and we can express romance, sensuality and joy in our songs!’

La Rumba’s Jamie Carrasco Courtesy of La Rumba

From acoustic guitar to bass guitar, djembe, tambourine and more, these phenomenal artists mix authentic and cultural Spanish instruments flawlessly. These songs can make your feet tap on the floor like trained dancers or can lift up your mood on a dull, gloomy day. Sometimes the rare tunes of melancholy cause goose bumps as they touch your heart. But most importantly, their music has a sense of innocence, just like their love for it.

La Rumba’s Michael Rajab Courtesy of La Rumba

They have performed in various parts of Australia, including Melbourne and Canberra, with a highlight being when they performed at the ‘Kangaroo Island FEASTival’ in front of esteemed guests such as celebrity chef Matt Moran and other celebrities. They also launched their first album Gypsy Flamenco, which describes their style of songs. With admirers from various parts of the world, La Rumba is finally branching out to international cities, the first being Dubai. People will be enthused and energised by one of their performances — the music is brilliant, fresh and simple; the songs sharp and fascinating; the performance cutting and dazzling. La Rumba is the real deal.

La Rumba’s Nathan Slater Courtesy of La Rumba

Even though they are an established band, they like to draw the attention of their fans by performing on Bourke Street on the weekends. They also have gigs at Vamos in Melbourne CBD. Give your ears an Español-Arabian treat!