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Indulge Your Inner Frenchie At Melbourne's Paris To Provence Festival
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Indulge Your Inner Frenchie At Melbourne's Paris To Provence Festival

Picture of Megan Simmonds
Updated: 27 September 2016
Now in its 6th massive year, the Festival returns once again to Melbourne. Paris to Provence is set to entice hundreds of people’s taste buds and elicit a newfound desire to visit France. The festival is being held November 20th to 22nd, 2015, at the National Trust’s iconic Como House and Garden in South Yarra.

Many may be mistaken that they have suddenly been whisked away from the city streets of Melbourne to the countryside of France. The replica French pop-up village ensures that every visitor is able to experience the vibrant and lively markets and enjoy French culture.

Stalls boasting food and wine, along with festivities and activities to suit the whole family, will keep people entertained for the entire day. Entertainment includes a whole range of unusual activities for both adults and children, such as a French photography contest, magic shows, a French bulldog fancy dress party, painting and art classes, and ballet classes for children. Festival goers can also enjoy live music, adding to the authentic experience.

Adults are able to venture along the popular café boulevard and experience unique French delicacies and cuisine, while also matching a large variety of wines from every region of France to suit the meal.

The Paris to Provence open air market is sure to be a hit for both young and old. If you love France and its culture, or just want a wonderful day out, this festival is for you.

The 2015 Paris to Provence Festival’s dates and opening hours are Friday, November 20, 12pm to 9pm; Saturday, November 21, 9am to 6pm; and Sunday, November 22, 9am to 5pm.

Como Historic House & Garden, Cnr Williams Rd & Lechlade Ave, South Yarra, VIC, Australia, +61 (0) 407 873 967

By Megan Simmonds

Megan Simmonds is interested in uncovering different and unique stories by exploring other people’s cultures. She enjoys socialising and having fun in the sun when not writing for the website. She aspires to become a TV reporter and deliver the news straight to people’s TVs every night.