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Heavy Metal Can Help Your Mental Health, According to Science

Picture of Ann Lee
Music Editor
Updated: 21 February 2018
Forget classical music, if you really want to feel better listen to some heavy metal.

A new study has found that listening to heavy metal can help with mental health issues.

Paula Rowe and Bernard Guerin from the University of South Australia interviewed 28 people, aged between 18 and 24, who identified with metal music.

They discovered that, even though they had been bullied or marginalised at school, the interviewees’ heavy metal identity and the community around it meant they didn’t struggle with mental health issues.

The researchers said: ‘Despite experiences of intense family situations, ostracism, bullying and loneliness, these participants all got through this period of life with little or no explicit mental health issues.’

Rowe and Guerin noted that ‘by talking repeatedly, directly with young metalheads, it was found that metal identities were helping participants to survive the stress of challenging environments and build strong and sustained identities and communities, thus alleviating any potential mental health issues.’

The findings, which were published in the Journal Of Community Psychology last month, back up a 2015 study which concluded that listening to heavy metal can help get rid of negative emotions such as anger and depression.

Time to put on some Metallica and headbang to your heart’s content.