Get Your Vinyl Fix: Melbourne's Best Record Stores

Courtesy of The Searches
Courtesy of The Searches
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2 September 2016

Music is truly in the midst of a digital age, but as the rest of the world moves forward with music streaming and portable mp3 players, there is a continual demand for vinyl worldwide and, of course, in Melbourne. This city has more record stores per capita than anywhere else in the world and with so much choice it’s no wonder why Melburnians have the most eclectic and best taste in music. Here are the top five record stores in Melbourne.

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The Searchers

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The Searchers Records, Fitzroy
The Searchers Records, Fitzroy | Courtesy of The Searches
Opened in 2008 as a second-hand bookstore, The Searchers has evolved into a vinyl treasure trove where records are sorted by genre, and home-grown artists are represented in the Australia/New Zealand box. Located on Smith Street, Fitzroy, The Searchers holds a variety of genres, with a strong rock’n’roll and disco presence and, once you’ve finished browsing, there’s in-store coffee and a communal table where you can sift through your new discoveries.

Northside Records

Specialising in soul, funk and hip hop Northside Records has been dishing out rare and independent releases since 2002. With new stock arriving weekly, including 45s, dubstep, dancehall and disco, there is always plenty to browse through and if you prefer to try before you buy, then Northside offers listening facilities. Northside also operates as a record label and proudly supports home-grown talent.

236 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia, +61

Greville Records

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Greville Records, Parhran
Greville Records, Parhran | Courtesy of Pixabay
For 30 years now Greville Records has been a fixture in Prahran where music fans come to find rare B-sides, limited releases, and music paraphernalia. Owner Warwick has been around since the beginning, when the store hosted car park gigs out the back and records were sold under the table and through whispered transactions. Musicians including Pearl Jam, Beck and Sonic Youth are fans of Greville, and with frequent overseas buying trips there are always new gems to discover.

Polyester Records

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Polyester Records opened in 1981 in Brunswick Street under the name Dizzy Spinners and in 2007 the record store opened a second location in Flinders Lane. At neither location will you find dusty disc jackets holding second-hand records, as Polyester is dedicated to bringing customers brand, spanking new independent music from local and international artists with an emphasis on indie and hip hop. Also, try rummaging through the sale bins for last minute deals.

Round & Round Records

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Round & Round Records, Brunswick
Round & Round Records, Brunswick | Courtesy of Round & Round Records
Nestled in Sydney Road’s bridal district, Round & Round Records is a vinyl shop for Type A personalities. Their wide and extremely eclectic range of music has been categorised by genre and micro genre, making it extremely easy to find what you’re looking for. The staff reviews and quirky op-shop finds add to the laid-back vibe and there’s the option to listen before making a purchase.