Australia's Hi-5 Welcomes Newest Member, Jessica Redmayne

Jessica Redmayne performing for the first time as a Hi-5 member in Singapore. | Courtesy of Jessica Redmayne
Jessica Redmayne performing for the first time as a Hi-5 member in Singapore. | Courtesy of Jessica Redmayne
Photo of Jessica Poulter
26 September 2016

Jessica Redmayne is a Melbourne actor, singer and dancer. Her recent debut performance in Singapore has been a great success, and Jessica is already adored by many Hi-5 fans across the world.

Jessica with the rest of the Hi-5 members. Image courtesy of Jessica Redmayne.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

As a little girl, I always had aspirations of being a famous movie star or pop singer. I honestly just wanted my name in lights. I remember being completely mesmerised by Elphaba’s flying solo during ‘Defying Gravity’ in the musical Wicked. In that moment, I thought, ‘That’s what I want to do!’

What was your first professional role?

I played the Chesire Cat in the Manila tour of Alice in Wonderland as my first professional role. I graduated from my Musical Theatre degree at The University of Ballarat (now Federation University) that same year in 2014. It was a surreal experience. I certainly gained an insight into how theatre makes an impact on people, particularly children. The kids who watch you as a performer are just in awe of your character.

How did you get selected to be a part of the Hi-5 cast?

Hi-5 is truly the next level in children’s entertainment. I’ve never been so overwhelmed with love and enthusiasm from fans young and old. Our daily life changes depending on where we’re touring or whether we’re filming. We’re currently on tour in Singapore. I auditioned in March via self tape and then progressed to call backs in Sydney. It all happened extremely quickly, but that’s the life of a performer. One day you’re waiting tables, and the next you’re touring the world.

Jessica Redmayne performing for the first time as a Hi-5 member in Singapore. Image courtesy of Jessica Redmayne.

How has your life changed since you started at Hi-5 recently?

Life has changed dramatically for me. I am still based in Melbourne; however, we spend the majority of our year either on tour or rehearsing in Sydney. Performing to kids who know your name and copy every little thing you do, even your hairstyles, is incredibly heart warming. They truly live and breathe Hi-5. It is just amazing!

The cast of Hi-5 with fans in Singapore. Image courtesy of Jessica Redmayne.

Was Hi-5 a part of your own childhood? Who was your favourite?

Personally, I was a little old for Hi-5 when it very first started, about nine years old. Although, I do remember thinking Charlie was so cool. Her hair was awesome, and I loved her outfits! We have had contact with Stevie and Ainsley, who recently left as of last year. They are both incredibly supportive and encouraging.

What is your favourite pastime?

I love exploring, whether it’s in another country or even my hometown. Everything is constantly changing, and I love to just soak in my surroundings, wherever I may be in the world. I also love yoga and meditating.

What do you consider your strongest skill: singing, acting or dancing?

My strongest skill would have to be dancing as I started at five years old. But I honestly enjoy acting the most. The challenge of becoming a new character and the research and work you put into it is exciting to me.

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