10 Cultural Hotels To Stay At In Melbourne

10 Cultural Hotels To Stay At In Melbourne

As the cultural capital and most populous city in Australia, Melbourne offers a wealth of enriching attractions. This list recommends ten hotels which allow visitors to experience the art, history and design of this international destination from within their accommodation.

Lyall Hotel

On each floor of the cosy, Lyall Hotel and Spa, art galleries featuring original paintings by local French artist Thierry B. act as pockets of culture within the grand metropolis of Melbourne. Also scattered throughout the building are small lounges with fireplaces, comfy furnishings and a selection of books, which offer an intimate haven for guests. The 40 suites of this boutique hotel are designed with contemporary oriental elements for a cohesive and elegantly clean treatment of the space. Meanwhile, fully opening floor to ceiling windows with iron railings allow for plenty of light and fresh air.


Hotel Lindrum

The Hotel Lindrum is a luxury boutique hotel with a warm interior design dominated by natural woods, warm lighting and earth tones. A lobby area with plush furnishings, hardwood floors and reception desk, tall ceilings, and geometric screens offering views into the restaurant is a charming welcome for visitors. A consistent balance between rectangular and semicircular elements and rigid verses organic forms, brings one’s attention to the curious geometry of the interiors. The building itself has a gorgeous red brick facade, and once housed the Lindrum Billiard Centre, from which the hotel gets its name. One of the original billiards tables remains, and is available for use by guests.


The Prince Hotel

The guestrooms at the Prince Hotel are furnished with a highly modern attention to detail. Low to the ground beds are set atop small wood platforms that elevate the sleeping area in the manner of a shrine. Long wicker light fixtures hang down on either side of the beds, releasing light in rays. Original artworks adorn the walls and unusual objects are scattered about the shelves and tables. The overall aesthetic is clean yet quirky, as bursts of colour pop out against a palette of white, grey and brown. This luxury boutique hotel is located aside Port Phillip Bay, with a trip to the beach just a short walk away.


The Hatton Hotel

The Hatton Hotel, housed inside a historic, Italian style mansion, offers an intimate setting with wide spaces and plenty of light. Decorated with period features, rosettes, cornices, stained glass windows, verandas, and expansive passageways are romantic additions to the dwelling. Built as a hotel in 1902, a detailed renovation project undertaken in the early 2000s brought the building back to its turn of the century state. For those seeking a truly distinctive accommodation, the Eastern Balcony Suite spreads across an entire floor. The suite is decorated with an eclectic mix of antique Asian and European furnishings as well as contemporary fittings, and is equipped with a villa style, covered balcony.


The Olsen Hotel

The Olsen Hotel is part of the Art Series Hotel Group and is named for Australian landscape artist Dr. John Olsen. The hotel’s namesake artist features his expressive paintings in the 229 cultivated guest rooms of this five star establishment. Inside, Art Series Hotel signature bedding provides for optimal comfort and chic designer furnishings create for pleasant surroundings. An extravagant glass bottom pool allows guests to swim as pedestrians wander the street below, and smart cars and bicycles are available to rent.


The Langham Melbourne

The Langham Melbourne is set in an ideal location along the Southbank of the Yarra River. The National Gallery of Victoria, Finders Lane, featuring shops by some of Australia‘s most talented designers, and Collins Street with some of the country’s most charming Victorian buildings are among the many nearby cultural attractions. Designed with contemporary fittings and innovative details, the hotel also boasts an elegant timelessness that creates for a sophisticated stay. The Southbank area is known for its wealth of fine restaurants, and the dining at the Langham Melbourne is an exciting culinary experience.


The Hotel Windsor

In 2013 the Hotel Windsor celebrated its 130th birthday as the city of Melbourne’s most beloved hotel. Designed by distinguished architect Charles Webb, the hotel opened its doors in 1883, predating many of the international grand hotels of the Victorian period. The hotel sits across from the impressive Parliament House and Treasury Gardens and alongside the Princess Theatre. Rooms are decorated in a charmingly traditional manner with antique chandeliers and classy furnishings. The Royal Suite, with its private fireplace, heirloom furniture and additional dining room, drawing room and guest powder room, is the epitome of elegance.


The Blackman Hotel

Another branch of the Art Series Hotel group, the Blackman Hotel takes its name from the artist Charles Blackman, one of Australia’s most celebrated creative voices. When entering the lobby of this art inspired hotel, guests are confronted with a wall of Blackman’s paintings as a type of back splash bringing vibrancy to the area behind the reception desk. Rooms are decorated mainly in neutral colors in order to highlight the intense hues of the artist’s work. Nevertheless, furnishings reflect the sleek and innovative vision of this creative organization.


Grand Hotel Melbourne

As a heritage listed hotel, The Grand Hotel Melbourne is one of the most stunning examples of late 19th century architecture in the city. Rooms are simple yet stately, reflecting an enduring sense of quiet importance. Walking down the grand corridors with original light fixtures, red carpeting and high ceilings one can sense the hotel’s layered history. Other features of this grandiose accommodation include a grand piano room, library, courtyard, dining room and lounge where guests are entertained by live jazz from the Melbourne Jazz Quartet.


The Charsfield Hotel

The Charsfield Hotel is set in a magnificent, St. Kilda Road Victorian building. Listed as a heritage structure, it was originally built in the late 19th century by Charles Webb, one of the most accomplished architects of the period. The hotel as it stands today was opened in 2000 following an extensive renovation project undertaken on the property. St. Kilda Road is known for it’s many Victorian mansions, built by the city’s elite, primarily during the 1880s. The interior of the Charsfield is equipped with contemporary amenities, but reflects the historical nature of this splendid hotel.


By Ellen Von Wiegand