Artist Transforms Avocados and They're the Most Beautiful Thing You'll See Today

Avocados | Courtesy of Daniele Barresi
Avocados | Courtesy of Daniele Barresi
Forget smashed avocado on your plate, people – carving them is the next big thing.

Just when we thought there was nothing cool, weird or unusual left to do with avocados, along comes Italian-born, Sydney-based designer Daniel Barresi, an award-winning designer renowned for his extraordinary carving skills, whose work with avocados is particularly stunning.

If you want to try to get your hands on one, head to The Avocado Show in Amsterdam. If you can’t get there, here are some of our favourite examples of Barresi’s work.

It’s not only avocados Barresi carves, he also works with other vegetables such as garlic, melon and broccoli as well as other substances such as soap.




Melon Hand Carved ❤️ Carving Designer Daniele Barresi FOLLOW: @danielebarresi_artist

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❤ 🍉

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Fruit platter

To see more of Daniele’s work and even commission him to make you something, visit his website.

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