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Adelaide’s 10 Contemporary Art Galleries You Should Visit

Adelaide’s 10 Contemporary Art Galleries You Should Visit

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Updated: 10 January 2017
In recent years, Adelaide has become a thriving cultural destination in South Australia. Home to a number of popular arts events and festivals, Adelaide is an easy-going host city with an array of galleries to discover, featuring talented artists from the region. These ten must-see art galleries are some of the best venues to experience contemporary art in Adelaide.
Adelaide Central Gallery

Adelaide Central Gallery, which opened in 1987 as an artist-run exhibition space, is now situated within the Adelaide Central School of Art. This renowned and popular contemporary art gallery offers a continuously changing program, incorporating the school’s annual graduate exhibition and featuring local, national and overseas artists, in solo and group exhibitions throughout the year. These shows display new artworks representing a wide range of disciplines from drawing, painting, printmaking and photography to sculpture, fine objects, installation art and new media. Exhibitions are often supplemented by lectures, informative talks, and seminars by eminent artists. In addition, the gallery hosts a stockroom with a selection of works of emerging and established artists at affordable prices.

Adelaide Central Gallery, Glenside Cultural Precinct, 7 Mulberry Road, Adelaide, Australia,+61 8 8299 7300



JamFactory is a non-profit arts hub, which has been dedicated to promoting outstanding design and craftsmanship for over 40 years. JamFactory’s exhibition spaces showcase local, national and international work by leading artists, craftspeople and designers, within a diverse program of curated exhibitions featuring works by established and emerging practitioners. This unique center combines the production, exhibition and sale of contemporary craft and design, and offers the opportunity to watch artists while they work; as a respected home to the arts, JamFactory hosts several studios focused on ceramic, furniture, metal and glass arts.

JamFactory, 19 Morphett Street, Adelaide, Australia, +61 8 8410 0727



The Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, or CACSA as it’s better known, is an art space-cum-museum with a history going back seven decades. While it was set up by a group of rebellious artists, in its current form it aspires to be Australia’s prime showcase of contemporary art, and it’s certainly on the right track. CACSA’s project space welcomes applications from ambitious up-and-coming and established artists, while the busy schedule of temporary exhibits and projects attests to its dedication to cultural and social issues. One of the most pertinent shows organized in the past months was Palestine, which explored the area’s dynamic with the Arab Spring and featured insightful works by Palestinian artists Khaled Hourani and Larissa Sansour, as well as British sculptor Cornelia Parker.

CACSA, 14 Porter St, Parkside, Australia, +61 8 8272 2682


Urban Cow Studio

Urban Cow Studio displays rotating exhibitions by local artists and designers, with an opening night on the first Wednesday of every month. Handmade ceramics and glassware, paintings, illustration and sculpture are just some examples of the wide array of disciplines Urban Cow Studio embraces. Located in the heart of Adelaide and split over two floors, with the main exhibition space upstairs, this gallery displays the works of over 150 Australian artists. Urban Cow Studio has been delivering fresh perspectives to artists and art lovers for over 20 years now.

Urban Cow Studio, 11 Frome Street, Adelaide, Australia,+61 8 8232 6126

Urban Cow Studio

EUrban Cow Exterior | Courtesy of Urban Cow Studio



FELTspace is an artist-run initiative located in the heart of the Central Market neighborhood in Adelaide. Founded in 2008, this center is currently managed by emerging artists, writers and curators such as Jemimah Davis, Steph English or Ray Harris, and is committed to supporting and promoting contemporary art, as well as serving as a hub for the local emerging arts community. FELTspace focuses on promoting early-career artists, which often enables it to present challenging and experimental exhibitions, in addition to ongoing projects with other arts organization across the country. Exhibitions openings are held on the first Wednesday of each month.

FELTspace, 12 Compton Street, Adelaide, Australia


Australian Experimental Art Foundation

Established in 1974 by a small group of Adelaide artists and theorists, the Australian Experimental Art Foundation hosts a gallery space, an arts bookshop and a residency studio. Throughout its lifetime, the gallery’s aim has been to encourage new approaches to the visual arts, representing new work that expands current debates and ideas in contemporary art and culture. Located at the Lion Arts Centre and surrounded by other arts organizations, this gallery features monthly exhibitions and promotes local practices and Australian artists in a global context, driven by the idea of art as ‘radical and only incidentally aesthetic’.

Australian Experimental Art Foundation, 15 Morphett Street, Adelaide, Australia, +61 8 8211 7505


Art Images Gallery

Art Images Gallery showcases contemporary paintings (including Aboriginal art), sculpture, prints, glass, ceramic and jewellery from renowned, new and emerging talented artists. Some of the most captivating artists represented by the gallery include landscape and figurative painter Siv Grava and Warlukurlangu, a group of artists representing the Aboriginal Yuendumu community whose complex and vibrant works reflect Australia’s heritage. Art Images Gallery, founded over 25 years ago, participates regularly in national art fairs and caters to both art lovers and art investors.

Art Images Gallery, 32 The Parade, Norwood, Australia, +61 8 8363 0806


Greenaway Art Gallery

Greenaway Art Gallery is housed in a large converted warehouse, a modern glass-fronted building, near Adelaide’s central business district. This gallery was founded in 1991 and showcases contemporary Australian art, including painting, sculpture, photography and installation. Housed in two independent spaces, Greenaway Art Gallery features local and national artists with regular invitations extended to artists from other countries. This is a renowned contemporary art gallery that has established relationships with artists and galleries at an international level and participates in several art fairs every year.

Greenaway Art Gallery, 39 Rundle Street, Kent Town, Australia, +61 8 8362 6354



BMG Art represents several major Australian artists and enjoys a reputation for fostering the talents of emerging artists. It specializes in contemporary Australian art, including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, glass and prints artworks, with directors Trudyanne Brown and Horst Kloss bringing over 30 years of experience in the Australian art industry to their art space. BMG Art represents numerous creatives such as glass artist Nick Mount, visual artist Christopher Orchard, painter Todd Hunter and Adelaide native Nona Burden, and hosts a new exhibition each month.

BMG Art, 444 South Road, Marleston, Australia,+61 8 8297 2440

Exterior | Courtesy of BMG Art


Hill Smith Gallery

Hill Smith Gallery was opened in 1982 and is housed in a spacious building with large windows that let in plenty of natural light. Inside, the gallery features two exhibition spaces, the ground floor and the upstairs gallery, hosting an average of 12 exhibitions per year, in addition to a number of works held in the stockroom, which can be accessed on request. Hill Smith Gallery showcases works by contemporary Australian artists, both emerging and established talents, including the likes of Poh Ling Yeow and Samone Turnbull.

Hill Smith Gallery, 13 Pirie Street, Adelaide, Australia,+61 8 8223 6558