A Single's Guide to Dating in Melbourne

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29 August 2017

While modern online dating has its benefits, most of the time it leads your nowhere. Culture Trip has the advice you need on where and how to meet people in Melbourne as well as few fun first date ideas. It’s time to stop swiping, delete the apps and meet real people in Melbourne.

Best Suburbs

According to GfK ConsumerLife Australia, the suburbs with the most amount of eligible bachelors between the ages of 20-34 earning an above average income are Cremorne, Richmond, Collingwood, Carlton, and Fitzroy.

Best Places to Meet New People

The Gym

GfK discovered that nearly one in four single males exercises weekly so next time you head to the gym wear your best Lorna Jane and instead of automatically putting in your headphones strike up a conversation with someone instead or ask for help with the equipment. Another great way to meet people is to join a mixed class. If the gym isn’t for you, then hit the pavement at a local park or running track. Your chances increase if you visit a dog park because “more than two in five Australian bachelors have a dog,” said GfK Research Manager, Serena Mann.

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Cultural Institutes

Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, so it’s no surprise that GfK found that nearly one in four single men visit a museum or art exhibit approximately once a month. Visiting the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Museum or ACMI is ideal for introverts as it gives you an external focus while allowing you to place yourself in a space with like-minded people. It’s also not unusual for people to visit art galleries and museums by themselves and it’s a lot less intimidating to approach one person than it is a group.

Bars and Clubs

Some of the best bars and clubs to meet singles include The Toff in Town, Ms Collins, The Emerson and Captain Baxter among a long list of others. Whichever you choose don’t sit in the corner of the room, instead position yourself in a high traffic area where you’re likely to encounter more people. Another tip is to face the room – this allows you to scan the area and people-watch.

Courtesy Ms Collins

Sporting Events

GfK has found that 48 per cent of single men attend sporting events at least once a month. From the concession stand line to half time there are plenty of opportunities to meet people. If you both barrack for the same team you’ll have common ground to start with and if you’re cheering for opposing teams than don’t be afraid of competitive flirtation.

The Supermarket

GfK uncovered that three in four singles go grocery shopping on a weekly basis, usually after work. The checkout line is the easiest place to start a conversation, but there are plenty of other excuses too. You can ask for help reaching something on the top shelf or advice on an item you have never brought before. A great trick is to eye out something in their basket and ask them which aisle it’s located in.



You might be surprised to find that half of single men volunteer within the local community at least once a month and it’s likely that any guy who offers his time to a local cause has a good heart. Find a cause that you are genuinely passionate about and you’ll soon be socialising with like-minded people.


GfK noticed that one in five bachelors admit to attending concerts and shows weekly, with one third attending monthly. If you can’t find anyone to see your favourite band with then take yourself out and socialise with other concert-goers. Not only is everyone at the show also a fan but from remarking on your favourite song or the band’s latest album, there are plenty of reasons to talk the cute guy standing next to you.


First Date Ideas

So you met a guy at the footy or beside the avocado stand at Woolies, great! Now it’s time for the first date and Culture Trip has a few unique ideas.


For a fun way to cross tactile boundaries unleash your inner child visit Bounce Inc which features giant interconnected trampolines and an Adventure Challenge Course along with lots of other activities that will have you jumping for joy.

Courtesy Bounce Inc

Rock Climbing

Take your relationship to new heights at Hardrock Climbing which features 28 lead climbing walls. Overlooking Swanston Street, this is a great place to build trust, overcome fears and have a laugh. If the date is going well you can stay there all day, but if it isn’t then just climb the wall and stay up there until he leaves.

Melbourne Planetarium

If you’re feeling nervous beforehand and hate small talk visit Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks where you’ll witness an awe-inspiring cosmic presentation which will offer plenty for you to discuss afterward.

For more date suggestions, read our list of 15 unique date ideas in Melbourne.You’re welcome!

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