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A Musical of Titanic Proportions
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A Musical of Titanic Proportions

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Updated: 24 June 2016
On April 15, 1912, the unsinkable RMS Titanic sank on her maiden voyage after striking an iceberg, and of the 2,224 souls on board, approximately 1,517 people died. The disaster inspired necessary change within the maritime industry as well as books, movies, plays, songs and the musical, Titanic. Winner of five Tony Awards including Best Musical and Best Original Score, Titanic opened on Broadway in 1997, and now StageArt is bringing the West End revival to Melbourne’s Chapel Off Chapel. Director James Cutler (In The Heights, Parade) has staged the production which includes a six-piece string orchestra and 20 actors – all of which play three roles across first, second and third class. The production which uses real-life characters explores the hopefulness of third-class immigrants seeking a better life in America through to the first-class aristocrats who look forward to everlasting luxury.

📍 July 7 -July 24, 2016


Titanic the music courtesy of Purple Media