8 of the Cheapest and Best Holidays From Australia

Thai sunset | ©  Alin Meceanu /Unsplash
Thai sunset | © Alin Meceanu /Unsplash
It’s no secret that living in Australia can leave you a little isolated from the rest of the world. Until recently, it’s been almost unachievable to kick those travel goals we all have deep down. Thankfully in recent years, we have been blessed with budget airlines! We can finally join the rest of the world. Here are our 9 best options for budget holidays from Australia.


Japan is a mixed bag when it comes to cost. Things like accommodation can be pricey but the cost of food will make up for it, especially if you try some street food. A bowl of ramen certainly won’t cost the $17AU it might in Australia, that’s for sure. Flights can be REALLY cheap if you keep an eye on the budget airlines specials.

Japan © Alexandre Chambon /Unsplash


This stunning place is worth the visit and the fact that it’s dirt cheap to get to, eat in and stay in is just a bonus. Either hit up the intense metropolitan cities like Bangkok, or head down to the quiet and stunning island of Phi Phi for crystal clear waters and a slower pace. A beer and meal in Thailand will set you back on average around $7AU (or cheaper if you’re willing to go street food style).


There’s a lot to love about Cambodia – the food, the smiley faces, even down to the size. It’s small enough to travel all around and see the most on a tight budget. Not to mention the average meal will only set you back about $6AU, or half that for their amazing street food.

Cambodia © Cristian Moscoso /Unsplash


Bali can be ridiculously cheap to get to, especially if you’re from the West Coast of Australia. Once you’re there, you can affordably get a beautiful villa with private pool for you and some pals for half as much as you’d pay for a hotel room in Australia. Depending on where you’re staying, food can be super cheap too – a little pricier in the more trendy touristy areas but still making for a budget holiday.

New Zealand

New Zealand is this part of the world’s Switzerland. This beautiful place makes snow capped mountains and lush green rolling hills an achievable reality for Aussies. It may not be too different to Oz in terms of your every day costs, so keep that in mind when budgeting. But if you keep an eye out, you can get a great deal on flights to make up for it. Try Air Bnb to keep your accommodation costs down for your trip to the stunning NZ.

New Zealand Alps © Cassie Matias /Unsplash


You want to book ahead for Fiji. It’s rare that you’ll find a cheap last minute deal so think about booking your flights well in advance. Another way to visit the beautiful Fiji on a budget is to pick an island and stick to it. Island hopping can become expensive. If you’re intending on spending your days snorkeling and lazing on the beach or by the bar, backpacker hostels are a really cheap way to go in Fiji.


This one might seem a little out of left field, given how far away it is from Australia. As of the last couple of years, budget airlines have been releasing some amazing prices for return flights to Hawaii. Once you get there, the cost of living isn’t too different from Australia, but it’s Hawaii!

Hawaii © Benny Jackson /Unsplash


Vietnam is one of those fabulous countries that is super affordable to both get to and be in. Food and beer is cheap as chips – setting you back around $5AU for some delicious chow. Hotels are super affordable and we’re lucky enough to have some great budget options for flights too. Once you’re there, there is so much to do that definitely won’t break the bank!