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Melbourne New Year Early Eve ©Chris Phutully
Melbourne New Year Early Eve ©Chris Phutully

10 Best Brunch Spots In Richmond, Melbourne

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Updated: 14 December 2016
In this fast-paced world, breakfast is sometimes a make-do. Have a relaxed start to your day with brunch at one of the best venues in Richmond, Melbourne.

Top Paddock

Top Paddock is a charming café known for its wide variety of fresh dishes, and especially renowned for its coffee. A further recommendation is also for the hot cake, with a lovely crunchy exterior and mouth-watering filling inside (suggested to share as it’s a fairly large portion). Expect a trendy and bustling atmosphere as you enter, with professional and amicable service. Planning to stroll over here this weekend? Make sure you book a table, as it gets quite busy!

658 Church St, Richmond VIC +61 03 9429 4332

Eggs Benedict With Ham Hock ©Katherine Lim

Eggs Benedict With Ham Hock ©Katherine Lim


Looking for a more healthy breakfast or brunch option? Patch is the place to go. This chic café is enticing with its gorgeous interiors as an appeasing sight for your eyes. The menu is Paleo-based, aiming to provide the community with a clean and green set of dishes. Don’t be disheartened, however. For example, The Showstopper is a particularly popular dish that serves the following: Pumpkin, banana, coconut flour, and almond butter waffles alongside a delicious side of berries and maple syrup to top it off. Sound appetizing yet?

36 Bendigo St, Richmond VIC +61 03 9029 0328

breakfast 2

Caveman Breakfast I © Tom Blachford Courtesy of Patch

Friends of Mine

Friends of Mine stays true to its name with an incredibly inviting and warm atmosphere. With the provision of a widespread variety of options on their menu, it’s a great pick for a morning meal. There are the classic eggs to serve, or options if you’re looking for something on the sweeter bite of things. Their smashed avocado on toast with feta and beetroot is a widely well-liked choice amongst the regulars. It’s also recommended to carry cash with you, as they don’t accept EFTPOS.

506 Swan St, Richmond VIC  +61 03 9428 7516

Smashed avocado on toast ©Katherine Lim

Smashed avocado on toast ©Katherine Lim

Pillar of Salt

Walk inside of Pillar of Salt, and be prepared for the display of food set out to tempt your cravings. This trendy cozy coffee shop has an exquisite menu, and breakfast or brunch here is truly an ideal option. A strong recommendation is the crispy corn fritters, with the aftertaste lingering in your mouth. Although fairly bustling over the weekend with a queue to enter, the food is well worth the wait. The courtyard around the back portion of this café is also quite popular for its well-lit and open-space area.

541 Church St, Richmond VIC +61 03 9421 1550

Dining area ©Pillar of Salt

Dining area ©Pillar of Salt

7 Grams Café

7 Grams Café is a popular and vibrant coffee shop, chiefly recognized for its variety of sandwiches, bagels, and wraps – ideal for any breakfast or brunch. According to this coffee shop, they use exactly the right amount of coffee beans to make your morning coffee the best possible (7 grams precisely). Although this place only opens on the weekdays, the welcoming atmosphere offered by the staff and the exotic aroma of the coffee is worth a call on.

505 Church St, Richmond VIC +61 03 9429 8505

Coffee's ©7 Grams Café

Coffee’s ©7 Grams Café


Touchwood is a lovely café that has individuals admiring the spacious and bright venue it has to offer. Their exquisite menu is also suited to a selection of dietary requirements, such as nutritious options for the more health-conscious. Touchwood has a large variety of choices for coffee, with nourishing dairy selections as well. Any café that serves great coffee is a must-visit, and this one comes with great food and a fantastic setting not to miss.

480 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC+61 03 9429 9347

breakfast 5

Golden and Pink Latte Courtesy Touchwood Café

Fifty Acres

Fifty Acres’ menu revolves around a fusion of French and Melbourne-based dishes. A particular favorite amongst the regulars are the ‘balsamic mushrooms,’ served as a side, with the omelette with goat’s cheese, or the Fifty Acres breakfast meal. The cafe has the ‘open kitchen’ concept, providing a fresh and vivid experience.

65 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC +61 03 9421 0296

breakfast 6
Fifty Acres Breakfast at Fifty Acres © Katherine Lim/Flickr

Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder

Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder is a famous location for relaxing on a Sunday morning for breakfast or brunch. Expect French-inspired items and lots of bread and cheese.

48-50 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC +61 03 9421 2808

Scrambled Eggs on Dench Wholegrain Toast ©Alpha

Scrambled Eggs on Dench Wholegrain Toast ©Alpha

Demitri’s Feast

Demitri’s Feast is a low-key cafe which serves outstanding Greek-style dishes. Try the Baclava French Toast topped with walnuts, vanilla yoghurt, and orange blossom syrup. This, and the combination of good coffee, make for the ideal brunch.

141 Swan St, Richmond VIC +61 03 9428 8659

Shopfront - Demitri's Feast ©Alpha

Shopfront – Demitri’s Feast ©Alpha

Gypsey and Musquito

Gypsey and Musquito is a vintage cafe proud to use locally sourced ingredients. The display of their sweet and savoury selections is as enticing as the taste is. There’s additional seating upstairs.

382 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC  +61 03 9939 9314

breakfas5 8

Potato hash, served with Tasmanian double hot smoked salmon © Natasha Blankfield / The Shot Enterprises