This Map Reveals Which Country Has the World's Heaviest Drinkers

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Updated: 18 December 2017
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From the Irish love for Guinness to the Russian fondest for vodka, most countries like a tipple now and then.

If you’ve ever wondered in a booze-induced haze which country drinks the most heavily, we have the answer. And it’s not what you might think.

A world map of wine consumption

Norfolk Island, a tiny spot of land in the South Pacific, has been revealed as the home of the world’s biggest wine drinkers.

Island residents put away an impressive 77.8 bottles per person every year. That means they spend around £490 each on the drink every year.

Even more impressively, they the island has the world’s second smallest population.

Wine consumption in Europe
Wine consumption in Africa

Vatican City comes in a close second, with the average resident drinking 76 bottles of the stuff each year.

Other big drinkers include Andorra, with an average of 66 bottles being consumed a year by each resident, Croatia, with 63.3 bottles, and Portugal, with 61.8 bottles.

Wine in Iceland is the most expensive in the world, coming in at around £17 a bottle.

Wine consumption in Australia and Southeast Asia
Wine consumption in north America

The country with lowest wine consumption is Pakistan. Each citizen there drinks on average 0.00011 bottles a year – around a small shot of wine.

The maps were created by MoveHub. To discover these rankings, data from the Wine Institute and World Bank were cross-referenced to determine the amount of wine consumed and cost of wine consumption per person in 204 different countries around the globe.

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